Drupal module for messages just like in Facebook

Drupal module for messages just like in Facebook

We worked hard during a few days and developed our own module called Private message with node.js.

Private message with node.js is the module based on the node.js platform, allowing users to send and receive text messages immediately without page reload. This module is built on the basis of Private message and Node.js integration modules. What are the advantages of this functionality?

Probably the most important feature of such tools is the speed of their work. After all, the messages, that are sent immediately save time and your nerve cells. With our module private messages are becoming more convenient, full-fledged and are working faster as well. Node.js does not overload the server, which means, that the process of private messages exchanging is accelerated substantially.

The multi functionality of Private message with node.js module is its another advantage. After all, the powerful Private message module is the basis of our tool. It is a powerful instant messaging system in Drupal, which opens up new opportunities to expand and improve this functionality (just consider the flexible API for developers).

Our module has a built-in API, meaning that to modify, add or expand anything is now much easier. The module can be adjusted to almost any website. It fits perfectly both for social networking sites and portals, where a fast and easy communication between users should be set up.

We did not violate the basics — the API Private message can be still used.

We have enumerated the main advantages of Private message with node.js. Next, let’s consider the useful features of our module:

  • User can now receive and send messages without reloading the page.
  • User receives notifications about new messages on every page without reloading it.
  • Having received a message notification, user is free to either select the dialogue page or mini-chat option for communication.
  • User can open several mini-chats at a time.
  • Notification sounds settings available. Note, to implement this functionality some additional tools (namely libraries module and audiojs library) should be enabled.
  • Typing indicator available: user can see, whether their interlocutor is writing a message in response.

You can also test its work on a demo-site here:

Our Drupal development team does its best for your convenience! Enjoy communication!

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