Small business backup solutions: protection for your site, reputation, and finances

Small business backup solutions: protection for your site, reputation, and finances

Many website owners think of backups as optional safety measures, and some do not think of them at all. However, backups are the ABC of data protection and cybersecurity. Even in the worst of scenarios, backups will let your site quickly rise like a phoenix from the ashes. That’s why, a good backup plan for a business of any size is a must. Today, we will discuss the importance of backups particularly for small businesses, as well as small business backup solutions.

Why backups are important for small business

Small businesses are especially sensitive to situations like a hacker attack, important data being erased by a virus, a website crash after an update that went wrong, and so on.

Due to their limited budgets, it is more difficult for them to quickly cover all the costs of a hacked website or other disaster. In addition, losing the data of at least one customer or messing up an important deal can have an especially serious impact on them.

Can you not afford this? Use a sort of “insurance” in the form of backups! Backups work even better than insurance — they work like an actual remedy. They don’t just give you money to rebuild your ruined castle, they rebuild it in a blink of an eye.

Best backup solutions for small business

Now that you know why backups are important, you might have another question: where to find a good backup provider?

Backups, just like server monitoring, are actually the mission of good hosting providers. At InternetDevels, we have Drupalharbour — a reliable place for Drupal website hosting. In our practice, we have often used this magic spell for rebuilding websites with the help of backups. Let’s look at some details of how it will suit your small business.

Smaller websites — lower prices

First of all, there are flexible pricing solutions for small businesses. For example, if your demands stay within just 5 websites, 5 SQL databases, 3Gb disk storage, and 128 Mb PHP memory limit — which is usually the case with small businesses — you can take the most affordable hosting package.

Please note that the resource needs of your websites should be assessed first by our support team at the moment you apply for hosting.

Except for the above-mentioned limits, your sites will otherwise enjoy the same benefits as those with more expensive packages.

Automatic backups

Here comes one of these benefits. Irrespective of the hosting package, we regularly do automatic backups of websites.

PGP encryption

Again, even if you have the cheapest package, copies of your data are encrypted using PGP algorithms. This is a huge advantage, especially if your small business deals with sensitive data.

Modern tools and disaster protection

To create and store backups in the cloud, we use our own developments (based on the open-source utility Duplicity). This technique is decentralized, which additionally ensures the integrity of data storage. There is no dependency on the program that creates backups. In addition, the backup storage regularly backups itself as well. This means that in any situation, your data will be safe.

Server backups

If you wish, you can also order extra protection — the creation of regular full-server copies. In this case, you can quickly restore your server in every situation.

Final thoughts

Let your small business grow and develop without unexpected spending! We are sure you know much better ways to invest your money. And, of course, the feeling of safety is awesome, and it will give you additional confidence.

Contact our website development services company for the best small business backup solutions!

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