The meaning of QA for Web Testing

The meaning of QA for Web Testing

As a client or a business owner, you want to be reassured that your project was developed in the best possible way. That's why you should consider hiring a QA expert. The job of quality assurance engineers is highly important, as it allows you to be sure that your website is developed and functions in the way you intended it to. Want to know more about the working process of QA Engineers? This article is a good place to start.

QA And Its Importance Value

QA Engineers are people who accompany web projects. Their main goal is to observe if the project matches the explicit and implicit requirements. Also, QA specialists are watching to see if this project meets the business requirements of the client. They are looking for functional bugs and glitches. Also, they are able to start taking care of your project before it even actually sees its development by checking the sanity of specifications, validating business requirements and making sure the overall draft of your future website looks perfect.

Workflow of QA Engineers

Quality assurance is a highly important step for developing apps and websites. That’s why all experienced companies should give their projects to quality assurance engineers.

There are several ways to keep the end-product's quality level high:

  • Scope of work estimation;
  • Evaluation of business requirements and specifications sanity check;
  • Development of test documentation;
  • Functional testing according to designed test-cases or user-stories;
  • Conduction of other testing activities (functional testing, a/b testing, performance testing, etc.);
  • Test-reports development, test-results handover and overall project feedback (which may include improvement advice, feature request etc.).

Deeper insight of quality assurance testing

Quality assurance has three primary steps: preparatory, executive and reporting stages.

  • Preparatory stage. This is usually a starting point during which QA engineers make the testing estimations and collecting all possible information before they start the actual testing.
  • Executive stage. That's when your project begins to undergo the testing process. It's the time when various types of testing are being performed.
  • Reporting stage. This is the stage when progress reports and test-results are being handed to you as the Client.

QA Automation Services

QA engineers can provide automation testing services. Automation testing services are designed to avoid the repetitive actions which may often occur during manual testing. It cuts the testing time expenditures. Besides, such testing can be used to check the system’s behavior after every functionality deployment as well as to prevent new issues from reappearing and keeping the old ones at bay.

The Ways Testing Sessions Are Being Carried

QA Engineers are people who save you from stress and time and financial expenditures.

So, contact us and make this happen! Our experienced QA Team will be there to assist. Apply to our support team, discuss your request and improve the quality of Your website.

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