What will offshore outsourcing look like post COVID-19?

What will offshore outsourcing look like post COVID-19?

COVID 19 has caused issues not only for people but also for business. However, it is not the end of the world. With the advent of COVID, offshore outsourcing has been given a new lease on life.

Our web development company decided to write a blog on the topic of offshore outsourcing in order to explain to you what it is and what advantages and opportunities it gives to your business.

We would also like to emphasize that you should not panic, because there is a way out of any situation. Internetdevels, which is an outsource web development company, will gladly help you to realize any of your projects.

What is offshore outsourcing?

First of all, let’s define what offshore outsourcing is. Offshore outsourcing is the recruitment of workers outside the country where you do business.

Who can be hired for offshore outsourcing?

  • companies
  • freelancers
  • consultants
  • teams
  • part-time workers
  • full-time workers

Offshore outsourcing is suitable for absolutely any type of company, regardless of size.

We offer you a visual schema of how offshore outsourcing works.

  1. You need to do some task
  2. There is someone who can do this abroad
  3. You collaborate remotely
  4. You get the final result
  5. Everybody is happy

The visual schema of how offshore outsourcing works

Hot statistics on outsourcing 2020

In the context of COVID, digital marketing has changed, as well as doing business. Offshore outsourcing has become an excellent solution, as it does not require contacts between people and opens up significant opportunities in the selection of staff. 

To see the data on offshore outsourcing in more detail, we offer you the latest statistics for 2020.

  • More than 57 million freelancers already work in America today
  • Most often outsourcing happens in the IT-sphere
  • IT outsourcing is predicted to reach $98 billion by 2024
  • 51% of executives said they outsource application and software maintenance
  • 45% of companies outsource IT specialists due to an attractive price

The latest statistics on offshore outsourcing for 2020

Benefits of offshore outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is an effective business model that allows you to remain competitive even in times of crisis. This cooperation model has many advantages.

Top advantages of offshore outsourcing

1. Save Capital Costs

You can save a lot of money by hiring a professional team of employees from abroad. You don't need to spend money on training specialists, taxes, different courses, equipment, facilities, and the like. You pay only for the work done for you and that's it.

2. Get the best professionals

Because you are not limited by the borders of countries, you can hire the best specialists from all over the world. This is the best benefit of all because offshore outsourcing gets you access to a world of truly skilled workers. As a result, you can increase the efficiency of your business.

3. Faster and better services

By hiring highly skilled professionals, you save time. This allows you to quickly implement a feature, improve your site or services. As a result, your visitors and potential customers get the very best.

4. Different time zones

For some reason, the time difference is often considered a disadvantage of offshore outsourcing. This is a mistake — don’t worry that your employees are in a different time zone. Let's imagine that the business is based in America but the employee is in Ukraine. Your working time ends, you give the final instructions for improvement and go home. But at the same time in Ukraine, working hours are already in full swing. As a result, you get a finished product in the morning. Isn't it brilliant?

5. Do what you do best

Hiring an employee abroad opens up the opportunity for you to do what you really do best and free up more time for your core activities. You or your workers do not need to perform additional duties. In this case, you get a more efficient performance and enjoy your work more.

6. Increases efficiency

The efficiency of your employees will be high if they do what they are professionals in. If the manager fulfills his duties, the duties of an accountant, and a marketer, then efficiency is out of the question. Hire offshore workers so that everyone does what they know and like, then your business will grow.

7. Increase competitiveness

The offshore outsourcing is right for you if you are a small company that does not yet have the funds to have entire departments of full-time employees at your disposal. This way you can save money and stay competitive with the big companies in your industry.

How will offshore outsourcing change in the future?

2020 made its own adjustments to the global economy. It also became one of the main impulses for offshore outsourcing change, although not the only one.

We offer you an overview of the hottest future changes in offshore outsourcing.

Future offshore outsourcing predictions

  • Offshore outsourcing will not disappear in the next 5 years — instead, it will continue to expand.
  • Western European countries will take key positions in the outsourcing market.
  • Offshore outsourcing will reach its maximum distribution thanks to startups and small businesses.
  • Outsourcing will grow beyond small, temporary tasks.
  • The process of cooperation between companies and outsourcing will change dramatically. This will concern the technical point of cooperation.
  • The spread of the trend towards offshore outsourcing will seriously affect changes in cybersecurity.

Why outsource Internetdevels web development specialists?

There are many changes because of the pandemic, and the world of IT has changed too. Offshore outsourcing will become more and more popular with time.

Offshore outsourcing will be the most widespread form of cooperation in the world, as it will allow companies of any size to receive quality services at an affordable cost.

Outsourcing a Ukrainian web development company is a good option today. To get the most out of your business, сontact our outsourcing company.

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