Introduction to DevOps on AWS: how it works

Introduction to DevOps on AWS: how it works

Businesses strive to be competitive in rapidly evolving markets. Their software products help them immensely but also require modern approaches.

Among them are cloud services and Agile software development. This is where AWS DevOps perfectly fits in. Both AWS and DevOps are extremely trendy terms in today’s tech world. In this post from our web development team, we will explain them separately, then together, so you have a fuller picture of how AWS DevOps works and how it can be useful to your business. Welcome to the introduction of DevOps on AWS!

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of principles, practices, and tools aimed at increasing the speed of software creation, deployment, and maintenance. Thanks to DevOps, the processes are automated and streamlined to the maximum. The practices of continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment make the software product ready faster, as well as increasing its reliability and quality.

The term “DevOps” is a mix of "development" and "operations," which shows that DevOps brings together the development and operations teams that work with the same software product. This includes development, infrastructure, security, support, and other teams. Specialists communicate and collaborate a lot, share their vision and experience, and work in parallel with each other.

DevOps is based on the Agile software development methodology. Its basic essence is working in smaller periods of time (iterations), constant communication with the customer and the team, shorter development cycles, openness to changes, frequent demonstrations of progress, continuous improvement, and much more.

What is AWS? (Amazon Web Services)

AWS is a cloud computing platform provided by the e-commerce giant Amazon. Cloud computing works by storing and accessing data over the World Wide Web. This means you don't store data on the hard disk of a PC but access it from a remote server instead.

The AWS platform offers a wide range of cloud-based products and services. For example, it provides servers, data storage, databases, analytics, networking, networking, development tools, deployment, data migration, security services, mobile services, business productivity tools, customer engagement tools, and more.

AWS services and products enjoy a huge popularity — Amazon Web Services generated $10.2 billion in net quarterly sales, which is up 33% from last year. This accounts for 77% of Amazon's total operating profit during this quarter — so is Amazon really an e-commerce giant or more a cloud computing one? The answer seems pretty obvious.

Introduction to DevOps on AWS: what are AWS DevOps tools?

OK, we have defined the terms “DevOps” and AWS, but how do they come together to help your software product? AWS fully supports the DevOps principles and practices. There is a collection of DevOps-focused tools in AWS aimed at increasing the efficiency of software development and maintenance life cycles. Here are some of the most prominent examples of AWS DevOps services:

AWS DevOps tools

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation provides easy ways for developers and businesses to create a collection of AWS resources, as well as manage and update them in a predictable and reliable way. For these purposes, there are helpful AWS CloudFormation templates in the JSON format.

AWS Cloud Development Kit

AWS Cloud Development Kit is an open-source software development framework that allows developers to define their cloud infrastructure in code using familiar programming languages (TypeScript, Python, C#, or Java) and provision it via AWS CloudFormation.

AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline is a continuous delivery service that automates the building, testing, and deployment phases of software releases. Whenever a new feature is introduced to the software, it can be delivered automatically.

AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit is a safe and reliable online version control service. It allows teams to collaborate in their shared work with the code. AWS CodeCommit hosts secure Git repositories, so teams don’t have to maintain their own.

AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild is a continuous integration service. It compiles the source code, performs the tests, and creates software packages that are ready for the deployment. It saves you from the need to manage your own build servers.

AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy is a software deployment service. It automates software deployments to such services as Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, etc. Thanks to CodeDeploy, you can release new features quickly with no downtime.

AWS CodeStar

AWS CodeStar is a tool to quickly develop, build, and deploy applications on AWS. It offers a user interface for managing all software activities. You can release your new features faster and manage access to the project for different project members. 

AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm takes care of the quality of web and mobile applications by running tests across a wide range of browsers and real mobile devices that are hosted in the AWS Cloud. You save on the creation and management of your testing infrastructure.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a service that runs the software code as a response to particular events. It automatically manages the computing resources involved in this. With Lambda, you can deploy code without having to create a traditional infrastructure.

Amazon EC2 Container Service

Amazon EC2 Container Service, as the name suggests, is meant for managing Docker containers. The processes of creating, deploying, and running the software code are getting even easier. Amazon EC2 Container Service is characterized by a high performance.

Learn more about AWS DevOps and try it

This has been a little introduction to DevOps on AWS. Like with all modern and powerful tech products, you will benefit from a good consultation about AWS DevOps services as to what exactly will suit your business case. Among our development services, there also are professional DevOps services. DevOps experts are ready to consult you and help you switch to AWS DevOps. Contact us!

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