InternetDevels on Clutch’s Top Ukrainian Developers List

InternetDevels on Clutch’s Top Ukrainian Developers List

Hey Drupalists! Any news – fine or great? Because we cannot restrain our emotions for longer: American researcher of world’s IT industry, Clutch ranged us as one of 12 Top Web and Software Developers in Ukraine. Not bad, yes? Especially if to take into account that we are the only Drupal developer on the list.

Actually, the process of achieving such honorable positions was not so simple as resting on laurels. We have been working really hard in order to meet the most demanding client’s expectations – the main indicator for Clutch. And hurray – mark “Excellent” in the category “Market presence” (9,6 points) and “Very good” in “References” (8,83) and “Clients and experience” (8,05).

We suspect that it is due to the combination of the experience of our developers and designers and respectable client’s approach. In order to maintain it, we realized such project as DruDesk, and shared our love to Drupal and web development among other people through DrupalTour, DrupalCamps and IT School (you always can take a look on our blog for inspecting them).

By the way, guys from Clutch are very respectable in the world. The company operates in the area of web and software analytics, working up with a huge amount of data and determining the leaders in IT business all over the world. This is Washington based company with strong reputation and qualitative approach to the researches. The reports on IT leaders in different countries the company establishes annually.

Therefore, we are twice more pleased to be recognized as one of the best web development companies in Ukraine and will be working even more insistently in order to deliver the best service to our dear clients.

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