InternetDevels and DruDesk at LvivICamp: delving into online marketing & SEO

InternetDevels and DruDesk at LvivICamp: delving into online marketing & SEO

While Drupal developers polish their coding skills at conferences like Lviv DrupalCamp, online marketing and SEO specialists need their own hangout to share some precious knowledge and discuss issues that are especially dear to their hearts. One of such hangouts is LvivICamp, the biggest SEO and online marketing conference in western Ukraine, held on November 7.

InternetDevels and DruDesk together at the conference

Both InternetDevels and its Drupal website support service DruDesk couldn’t miss this opportunity. The art of building cool websites for you (and supporting them) needs much more than development skills. So we have lots of other top-notch experts who work side by side with the devs to make you enjoy! Some of them got together and came to delve deeper into their favorite SEO, online marketing, UX design and other issues, listen to reports and take part in workshops, ask questions to speakers. And, of course, to see and make friends with lots of other SEO and SMM guys and girls, bloggers, entrepreneurs, online marketing managers, UX and UI web designers, online shop owners and more.

Drupal is always with least on the mugs!

Even if a conference is not about Drupal, we bring it with us anyway ;) Here are our famous ancient-looking Drupal mugs that we always present to people at international and domestic conferences. Coffee or tea tastes so good in them...and they inspire creative ideas! And, of course, our special mission was to tell people about InternetDevels and DruDesk and the available job positions there. Our HRs like to communicate to people...if you want to make sure, just come along to our office and maybe you will get a cool job!

Let’s visit more conferences, let’s share ideas, let’s make friends! Don’t hesitate to come up to us everywhere you see us. Cheers!

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