How to outsource web development?

How to outsource web development?

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You need a web developer to create a website, app or something like that, but do not have the full web studio in your staff? In XXI century, the majority of companies face this issue and find that the best solution is to outsource web development. We will try to assist you in this article, describing how to outsource the best web team to your project.

First of all, let’s try to figure out, who is who in web development. Frequently, in outsourcing, people want to find everything in one person, and are wondering why they are offered to pay the whole team of many workers. Actually, there are three main types of people, who are involved in creating web products:

  • web designers, whose main responsibility is the outward of the product — its design;
  • web developers, who code the product in accordance to the design;
  • internet marketers, or SEO specialists, who optimize the product and its content to search engines.

Depending on complexity, these roles can be performed by a team of one to nine people, but optimal size is 3-5.

How to start with outsourcing

Your project starts far before you open a browser — in our mind. For that reason, you need to clarify, what you really have and want. This includes:

  • Determining current resources of a company: do you have a website? Social media pages? Infographics and qualitative images to upload on a new website or app?
  • Understanding of the aim: do you just need someone to create an online business card? Catalog of your production? Or full app? It matters. The same is related to the content of your web product and information that has to be displayed. For a new product, a business case document will be necessary.
  • Choosing a CMS. Every web developer will ensure you that the platform he or she deals with is the best. However, be careful — some programmers create their own language for coding, and no one on the Earth can make changes in their website. The most popular CMSs at now are: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, TextPattern and so on.
  • Making suggestions about the functionality and design, or ‘user stories’, as they call them For sure, web developers will offer you something, but it is better to know before what you would like to have.
  • Making up budget, scope and timelines. These will determine also the range of works and complexity of your product.

Where to outsource

Directly after you understood what you want, you can start to search the best web developers for hiring.

The easiest way is to ask people you know — especially if they also outsourced someone. Networking still remains one of the most significant tools in searching for a good worker.

However, it does not work always. For that reason, you can google the companies or use special websites that offer the portfolios and works of numerous web developers. Actually, the best are the web developers from Eastern Europe, especially Ukrainians — they are the happy medium between price and quality.

For instance, these are the platforms for outsourcing: Upwork, Freelance, Elance, Dev, Brainstorage, where you can find nice programmers and also hire Drupal developer.

What you need to take into account while outsourcing

  • Portfolio. When you outsource web development, this is one of the main things that determine the skills of a person you hire.
  • References. Mainly special platforms for outsourcing have options for leaving comments and marking the profile. Come through these references, as far as try to contact people, whom an outsource team worked with.
  • Be sure to negotiate the best price and time, and document your agreement with an employee. As far as you work with outsource company, it is significant to determine all rules of collaboration in order not to reveal blind points then.
  • Ask about the range of works the hiring team will perform. Mainly it includes the design, coding, filling the content and SEO. You also can order additional options like copywriting.
  • Be sure, that a team will create a responsive web design. If it does not adapt to different devices, you will need to change it soon.

To sum up, it is not necessary to include web development team into your staff, when you just need to create a website — the best way to find someone for single work is to outsource. Having clear vision about your needs and expectations, you can choose the most suitable solution for your company. Just be attentive and carefully read the references.

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