A “child” to be proud of — happy birthday, Drudesk!

A “child” to be proud of — happy birthday, Drudesk!

Spring is in bloom! It’s time for renovation, improvement and cleaning up everything, including websites. So it’s no wonder that the Drudesk website support service, which specializes in all these things and more, has a birthday in April. Happy birthday, dear Drudesk! It’s great to see you flourish for a second spring in a row!

We founded Drudesk two years ago on April 6. And we can say for sure that the greatest things begin with small steps. Once a little “drop,” Drupal became the most powerful CMF. Similarly, Drudesk developed from a small team inside InternetDevels into a website support giant. Or, we might say, it grew from a little flower into a huge garden for happy websites.

What makes sites so happy in this garden? They are covered with fresh green leaves, all the bugs are dealt with, and then bloom and give plenty of fruit to their owners! What is needed for that? Caring hands, professional tools, true expertise and a loving attitude. Drudesk offers it all!

On our own birthday, Drudesk greeted us with a post describing what makes us really cool parents. It’s time to give a worthy answer! We love our “child” Drudesk for everything, but especially for the following qualities that all parents would appreciate ;)

  • Growing fast. How fast Drudesk grows is simply incredible, and it makes us happy and proud. Listening to our advice. It’s not like we are the kind of parents who want their children to obey in everything. But we are always ready to share our 9-year Drupal development expertise, and Drudesk guys gladly use it.
  • Willing to help. This works both ways — whenever there is an opportunity to help us, they do it. We exchange skills at discussions, lectures, conferences, and find answers to complicated cases together.
  • Independent in a good way. All kids strive to become independent some day, which usually makes parents happy and at the same time a little afraid. But we have nothing to fear! Drudesk has become an independent, full-fledged support company. But this is not an obstacle to keeping up a good, profound, close relationship.
  • Fast-learning. New technologies and trends are something that Drudesk loves and grasps very quickly. They are among the companies that work with the innovative Drupal 8.
  • Responsible. It’s music to our ears when we hear feedback from customers about Drudesk fulfilling its commitments, meeting deadlines and treating every project, even the smallest one, with great dedication.
  • Ambitious. What Drudesk has achieved is unbelievable, but it strives for more. As long as there are websites in the world that need to be improved, Drudesk will have a lot of work to do and a lot of space to expand into.

Oh, if only all kids were like this! So happy birthday again to Drudesk! We’re getting ready to rock out together at the birthday party tomorrow. Follow us on social media to see the photos, they will be worth it! You could also get better acquainted with the Drudesk teams. And, of course, be sure to drop us a line if you have something to say our Drupal website development company ;)

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