Great travel websites built with Drupal: welcome to the journey!

Great travel websites built with Drupal: welcome to the journey!

Drupal is a great choice for any kinds of websites — we previously offered you a collection of Drupal online stores. But our today’s topic will be a special choice for the summer. Prepare to enjoy!

The images of azure seas, exotic islands and mysterious mountains across the Web are a special magnet to the eyes. Travel websites can be so gorgeous! So we couldn’t resist the temptation to collect some of them for you to see. Of course, these are built with our favorite site-creating platform — Drupal.

Awesome travel websites that are powered with Drupal

This 7-language Drupal website helps you discover Los Angeles by helping you find things to do and places to stay. The website’s users can also submit events themselves according to their categories of interest. The information is classified by LA regions, which is also very handy.

discover los angeles travel website

  • Seychelles

“Welcome To Paradise” is the message that greets you on this Drupal website. And you have no doubt you have arrived, since your mind is already captured by the fabulous high-resolution images of these islands. Thanks to the responsive design, you can enjoy looking at Seychelles and discovering useful information about them on any device you like.

Seychelles trael website

Find all you need in Costa Rica: hotels, restaurants, car rentals, attractions, beaches and much more. You can also submit your desired trip dates, as well as your name and email address, and get the right trip plan for you. Registered users can submit their own listings to all the categories and ask questions.

Costa Rica Travel site on Drupal

  • Adventure Tasmania

Remote Tasmania gets closer with this Drupal site. It helps you discover destinations and search for accommodations by submitting the dates of your desired stay and the number of guests. You can also browse tours to Tasmania and book them online. Articles and videos make this process much more engaging.

Adventure Tasmania Travel Website Built with Drupal

Thanks to the gorgeous yet simple design, nothing distracts you from delving into the fascinating landscape scenes of Tinos island. This Drupal website is available in 6 languages. You can also book the luxurious suites online by submitting the dates and other details of your stay.

Tinos island Travel site

Beautiful in its simplicity, the Forum Hotel website meets you with Milan’s main attractions on its main page. You can discover the hotel’s rates and room descriptions, news and much more in Italian and English. Whatever page you visit, a convenient online booking form is always in front of you.

Forum Hotel Travel Website Built with Drupal

Everyone who has dreamed about the mysterious regions of Central and South America will love this website at first glance. It has over 100 trips and cruises to Amazonia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica and much more! Each trip is described in detail, including a FAQ and tips page.

south ernexplorations Travel Website

Here’s a Drupal website to discover India and plan a perfect trip. It abounds in pictures and descriptions of India’s attractions, beaches, valleys and much more. It’s really interactive, and the website’s users can leave write their reviews, add their photos, and vote.

tripgully Travel site

If you would like to have a website like this, don’t hesitate! Imagine how many people will have the joy to use your new awesome travel website — the one our web development services company is going to build for you with Drupal, if you ask us to.

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