Drupal 8 Modules you should have

Drupal 8 Modules you should have

Each Drupal release makes it more refined and up-to-date. The latest one offers better architecture, fresh functionality, improved security and other benefits of Drupal 8. It is considered to be innovative and progressive due to new functions such as multilingual applications, advanced mobile-friendly options or HTML5 for better site management.

Drupal 8 modules are an integral part of website development. We constantly monitor newly released modules and describe their particulars, how they work and why they are useful. Previously we spoke about modules that will help you to architect your site, boost its functionality, personalize content and even run e-commerce. Now we’ve made a list of the best Drupal 8 modules you should have on your Drupal site.

The most useful Drupal 8 Modules you should have

  • PathAuto

This module will automatically generate SEO optimized and user-friendly URL aliases. It is applicable for both new and old URLs and suitable for many languages with transliteration available. However, the PathAuto Drupal 8 module won’t work without Token and Chaos Tool installation.

  • Admin Toolbar

The Admin toolbar Drupal 8 module provides the user with a drop-down admin menu that gives quick access to all administration pages. This makes navigation simple and less time-consuming.

  • Metatag

It is not only about creating meta description or keywords tags. The Metatag Drupal 8 module makes it possible for you to monitor what your content looks like when sharing on Facebook or Twitter. It provides support for Open Graph Protocol (for Facebook) and Twitter Cards (for Twitter) while sharing content via social media. This allows you to merge any webpage with social media and control its appearance.

  • Paragraphs

Paragraphs module is the most popular Drupal 8 module you should have for managing content. It is targeted at simplifying end-users’ performance while editing. It breaks content into components to structure it in a clean way and gives options for design or grouping.

  • Redirect

If you have your URL changed, this tool is for you. Redirect module will take the user to the necessary page if it has moved or the site was restructured or renamed.

  • Linkit

Linkit Drupal 8 module provides an automatic way to insert internal or external links in the text. No more copy-pasting or typing URLs, you can just search them via the interface.

  • Honeypot

The best and maybe the most popular Drupal 8 module you should have to prevent spam. It finds out bots and protects your forms from being autocompleted. Honeypot Drupal 8 module sets the minimum time required before form should be considered to have been entered by a human instead of a bot. If the form is submitted faster, it will be discarded.

  • Add to Any

One of the most popular social media integration modules in Drupal. Give your readers an opportunity to share your content via social media. The simple Add to Any Drupal 8 module enables you to attach share buttons to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp and more. You may choose the size and shape of buttons.

  • Superfish

Probably the most popular tool for creating sophisticated interactive menus on your website. Among its advantages are screen adaptability and compatibility. Superfish menus are both keyboard and touchscreen accessible and available for screen readers.

  • Scheduler

Thanks to Scheduler Drupal 8 module it is possible to postpone content publication. You are able to schedule publishing or unpublishing nodes. Just set a specific date that you want the action done.

  • Rabbit Hole

Don’t want your node to be viewed directly, but have it displayed somewhere else? Rabbit Hole Drupal 8 module will do that for you. You’ll get the ability to control what is to be shown when content is being viewed on its own page. It makes it possible to display an access denied page or a page not found page. You may also redirect a page or as a regular behavior display the entity. Restricting access to the publication, it hides nodes from search engines too.

  • LoginRadius Customer Identity and Access Management

Simplify the registration form for your Drupal website. LoginRadius Customer Identity and Access Management module allows your users to register via e-mail or social login. There is no need to overload visitors with filling in numerous form fields, no need to create one more username and password. Apart from user registration and social login, the module performs data collection and Sign-On authentication system letting user navigate websites with a single account.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics module is a must-have on your Drupal website. It is a great technique to track your site attendance. This module is perfect to monitor user statistics and understand user behavior to make some marketing improvements.

These are only a small part of the Drupal 8 modules you should have on your Drupal website to extend its capability! Our Drupal module development team will be happy to help you with installation and settings. If none of the modules fit your needs, we will develop a module that perfectly meet your requirements.

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