ConversionCon Ua: a cutting-edge website optimization conference by InternetDevels

ConversionCon Ua: a cutting-edge website optimization conference by InternetDevels

We know websites are capable of more ;)
InternetDevels Drupal development company
is happy to organize Ukraine’s first offline
conference on website conversion!

Is there a word that can melt the heart of any SEO specialist, online marketer, or website owner? There is — it’s the word “conversion”! Because it implies the actual, practical result of your marketing activity.

Conversion rate and CRO: so what does it all mean?

The conversion rate is the percentage of people who take the desired action on your website. They could order your products or services, subscribe to your newsletter, register for your event - the desired action depends on your preferences.

The conversion rate measures how convincing you’ve managed to be with your audience to make them take action instead of just browsing your pages. So, no matter how important your visiting rate or your search engine rankings might be, it’s your conversion rate that really matters for your business.

So how do you convince your potential customers? The so-called CRO (conversion rate optimization) is an art, a science, a whole world of useful tips.

Here goes InternetDevels bringing conversion secrets closer to everyone!

We had long been dreaming of organizing a conference that would gather conversion experts who could share all the ins and outs of how to successfully convert visitors into customers. Finally, we decided to convert our dreams into real actions ;)

And, on April 9, 2016, our ConversionCon UA is going to open its doors to marketers, SEO guys, analysts, business owners, content managers, designers and other experts for a day-long conference in the city of Lviv, Ukraine’s IT paradise.

The most delicious conversion “menu”

Theory and practice, new tools and case studies, statistics and strategies…Everyone who deals with website optimization will have plenty of “dishes” to choose from. We are going to discuss micro- and macro-conversion, onboarding, SMM analytics, the power of a logo, rich snippets for online shop optimization, the Web Push tool, landing page creation and much more.

ConversionCon: the Western roots and Ukraine’s debut

ConversionCon is not new to the world — it has been held in La Vegas and London. However, it’s new to Ukraine. It’s going to be the first offline (non-web) conference of this kind. So congratulations to Ukraine on this debut!

Inspired by our previous events

We are sure the debut will be great. InternetDevels has already organized DrupalTours, Lviv Euro DrupalCamp, IT cafes and many other events. We’ve had a lot of feedback, we’ve been to a great number of places, we’ve got acquainted with many awesome speakers and listeners...and after ConverisionCon UA we expect to see many well-optimized and successful websites with a fantastic conversion rate. Let us all enjoy that prospect!

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