Content Moderation module for Drupal 8 content workflows

Content Moderation module for Drupal 8 content workflows

Everyone can enjoy the advantages of working with Drupal CMF in terms of filling a website due to content improvements. Easy content publishing in Drupal 8 is a great advantage and explains its popularity. That is why, Drupal is a perfect choice to power content heavy websites.

While content is considered to be the most important part of the resource, Drupal runs a content workflow initiative that simplifies working with website filling. As Drupal is constantly developing, there is no limit to what the CMF may offer us! The essence of it is the improvement of working with content that may be reached through the implementation of various modules. Here is an overview of one of them – the Content Moderation Drupal 8 module.

The essence of Content Moderation module

The Content moderation module is a part of a content workflow initiative and is in the Drupal 8 core. The module serves to provide easy editing and managing the filling of the site. It is especially useful while working in a team.

The principle of work is based on so-called staging. If you need multiple people to edit a node but not change the vision of it immediately, then the Content Moderation module is a way out. It enables anyone to perform any changes, but to make it publicly viewed, it has to be approved.

The activity is logged in a history. Each step is recorded so that you can track who made a change and when they made it. Moreover, it is possible to know who reviewed and approved the revision and when was it done.

What does The Content Moderation module do

  • Enables you to review content by selected groups before being published.
  • Allows you to edit nodes and create new revisions to be approved.
  • The groups are empowered to approve changes. Makes a log history.
  • Permits to have own workflow.
  • Let you create your own To-Do list for what is to be approved of or reviewed.
  • Monitors code quality.
  • Controls security and usability.

Why to use Content Moderation module

  • The Content Moderation module is aimed at providing a high quality product

The main goal of the Content Moderation Drupal 8 module is quality. It works in nearly all environments. It is safe and thus does not allow you to misuse or bypass the revision moderating. The main point of the Content moderation module is to be stable and provide a handy workflow.

  • The Content Moderation module is simple

Apart from the fact that the module simplifies content moderation, it is easy to use. Moreover, it uses the Drupal API in its best practice.

  • The Content Moderation module is extendable

Despite its simplicity, the Content moderation module provides an API that extends it. Due to its flexibility, most of the workflows can be changed painlessly.

  • The Content Moderation module is perfect for publishing

Working with drafts has never been as easy as with the Content Moderation Drupal 8 module. The advantage is that firstly, drafts are visible for the author only. After finishing editing, the author can send it to be approved. After approval, it may be published.

The Content Moderation Drupal 8 module has numerous reasons to employuse it. If you need any help considering module installation or upgrade, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will provide any service you need. In case the module does not meet your requirements, we as Drupal web development company are ready to develop a Drupal module for you and implement any wish.

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