B2B website design trends

B2B website design trends

Designing a website for B2B is not that easy. In the B2B market niche, first impressions really matter. That is why, in order to conduct a lucrative business, it is necessary to pay attention to appearance. It goes without saying that applying the latest web design trends on your website is a great advantage.

We bet you’ve heard a lot about B2B web design and are wondering how to design a successful B2B website. In this article, we’ll dwell on what B2B web design is and highlight its main trends. We’ve also provided some examples of B2B web design.

What is b2b design

We have already investigated the difference between B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B Business Models and found out that a website devoted to any of the models will have its own distinctive features. The aim of a business to business website is to establish a rapport with a client that represents another company. That is why it has to be concise, simple and easy to use.

Apart from that, B2B website design should include a clear description of the products offered, understandable navigation and visible CTAs so that your clients can make an order quickly and without any effort.

Top B2B website design trends

Appropriate appearance

Although the area of design leaves a lot of space for creativity, the key rule of business to business web design development is keeping a professional tone. It is necessary to choose colors thoroughly according to your brand book, organize a site in an understandable way and use professional-looking fonts.


This B2B website has an uncomplicated structure and weightless design. The color solution was restricted to two main colors that make it look professional.

Easy Navigation

If you don’t know how to design a successful business to business website, begin with simple navigation. Visitors want to find what they’re searching for immediately and move from page to page easily. In this case, they are more likely to take actions and won’t drown among numerous pages seeking information.


In this website, they made a dynamic side menu that moves while scrolling. This prevents a user from getting lost in a page. Visitors can enter any page they wish without getting back to the main one.

Long Pages

A long scrolling page allows your visitors not to be confused with a huge number of pages and get what they want as soon as they find themselves on your website. Among the benefits of one page website also is that, if designed in a proper way, your visitor is much more likely to make a purchase while scrolling down.


This site is designed for landings. Instead of surfing through numerous pages, you scroll down and see everything the website offers step by step.

Qualitative Photography

Unique photos made by professionals definitely help a website to stand out. It goes without saying that they must be of excellent quality. Being recognizable is especially important for B2B website design. Thus, the current trend of applying professional photos instead of stock ones is good.


Here, they used their own photos that depict the process of their work. Real places, real faces — that is a way to become distinctive and trusted!

Vivid animation

A feature that is quite popular is a living picture that moves while you scroll. Animation, if done correctly, is a great way to catch visitors’ eyes. Otherwise, a site overloaded with animation will look cumbersome and hamper the customer making an order.


The website applied dynamic images. The animation makes it both more vivid and alive. Websites with motion are more attractive than static ones.

Concise Language

Covert phrases and sentences confuse visitors as they do not understand how they are expected to act and, as a result, quit the site. This point is crucial for B2B web design because it presupposes quick actions to be performed. If a person does not guess what is going on, the message fails.


In this website, they used simple language, and it is clear what the company is about and what steps are next to take. They do not use sophisticated words and complicated sentences that may scare visitors. Thus, everything is as easy as pie!

Clear CTAs

Users want direct instructions of what to do. Constantly searching where to click to contact you may cause frustration. Consequently, a potential customer leaves your website. Do you see why visible CTAs for B2B website design are so important?


The perfect solution is to highlight CTA buttons, making them brightly colored, like this guy did. It is obvious where to click and what to expect. This technique is the most appropriate to design a successful B2B website.


Conducting a B2B business is impossible without having an appropriately designed website. In this article, we’ve outlined the main B2B web design trends for you to apply. If you need a business to business web design or web development, you can entrust it to b2b web design agency. We will fulfill any idea considering web design and development of your website. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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