10 Twitter tips to increase your audience

10 Twitter tips to increase your audience

We once told you about 7 great SMM tools. Now we would like to dwell on the issue of a very popular social network, Twitter.

Everyone knows the saying “a little bird told me”, and the world’s most reliable little blue bird delivers about 500 million messages a day! That’s the average number of tweets shared daily by the users of the famous Twitter social network.

Every Twitter message has a limit of 140 characters. But here’s where the “brevity is the soul of wit” principle works perfectly! Twitter has become an increasingly popular place among famous people and companies for sharing the news about what they are up to, as well as for promoting their brands and products.

So never underestimate the power of Twitter and discover how you can increase and engage your audience there.

Use images: this increases the engagement

A short tweet with no image has fewer chances to be noticed. Vivid and interesting images are an attention-grabbing tool. Moreover, you can use the images to tell more information, adding some phrases right on them. But that’s not all!

140 characters: how to keep within it

Twitter allows you to name (tag) people and locations right on your photos, so you do not have to use up your text space for that. This is more than just space-saving, it is also an engaging practice. Another important tip to keep within the short text limit is to shorten your links using services like

Be an early bird! Tweet in real time

The essence of Twitter is real-time updates. So strike the iron while it is hot and instantly provide your readers with the latest information on what’s going on. Examples abound: when we were visiting DrupalCon New Orleans, Twitter was the most popular network for posting about the events and inviting the readers to join in.

Monitor and use hashtags

Twitter was the first social network to introduce hashtags, a great tool to help the readers find the desired information. So study the hashtags used for particular occasions and topics. This will help more people follow you. Use popular hashtags, as well as more specific ones. The main rule is that they should be relevant and not spammy.

Make your Twitter profile credible

Your profile picture and header image should be eye-catching, and your bio should tell your story in the right way. This increases your chances of being followed.

Your Twitter & your website: mutual promotion

It is especially necessary that you include a Twitter icon on your website, as well as the link to your website on your Twitter profile.

Birds of a feather tweet together

Find your industry influencers, as well as the companies you would like to follow you. Start by following them, and there is a chance they will follow you back. It’s also a good idea to regularly favorite and retweet their posts, mention their Twitter handle (e.g. @JohnSmith) and engage them in conversations.

When in a social network, be social

Here we are coming to one of the most important ways of showing courtesy on Twitter and building relationships. Favorites, replies, retweets do a world of good here. Especially when someone mentions you, it’s polite to favorite and retweet it with at least a simple “thank you”. But you can do more — don’t miss a chance to develop a good conversation.

Deliver posts regularly

People like to read something new — that’s what they come to Twitter for. Pages that stay inactive for some time have a high chance of being unfollowed. Make sure to be always there with interesting updates. No place for selfish sellers

Twitter is not the place be self-centered… or SELL-centered ;)

Instead, Twitter is the place to have cheery and friendly conversations. So promote your products or services in a subtle way, and not in all of your posts. And, like in real-life conversations, don’t let it be all about yourself. Follow this — and success awaits!

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