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We are a .NET development company now also!

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Welcome to the world of cutting-edge technologies. We’re glad to see you here — step inside, and you will always be a step ahead of your competition. We are happy to announce that in addition to being Drupal web development experts, InternetDevels is now also introducing .NET development services.


A really cool .NET development team

We have gathered a team of guys who are truly experienced (15 years!) in .NET development. They have now become part of InternetDevels big team. We want to expand the range of the most modern development services for you, and this is the next step in doing that.


Building cross-platform applications

We develop cross-platform desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile and web apps. Read more details further on.


On the edge of progress

Being on the edge of the technical progress and up-to day technologies, we are using modern software development practices in our .NET development services.

See why to choose .NET development services — just some of .NET benefits here:



Your .NET apps can “grow” together with your company



.NET apps can be modified without having to rewrite your code.



Deploying apps is much easier with .NET due to DLL optimization.



.NET lets you create apps that run on a desktop or a mobile browser.



From the start, .NET Framework was created with security in mind.

.NET development from InternetDevels


Our “mother tongues” are C#, C++, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VBA, Java. We’ve been living with them for a long time

Developers with 15 years of experience

We have grown up from childhood programming experiments to this professional level — with 15 years of commercial experience (senior level).

Moving further

We’ve travelled a long way from .Net framework 1.1 to 4.6 and we are moving further.

Cross-platform solutions

To ensure the best value for our customers from our services, we offer cross-platform solutions based on .Net Core and Mono.

User interface

To enhance the luster of the very important part of the software, which is the user interface, we use Devexpress or Telerik components.

Desktop, web and mobile applications

We build Desktop (Windows Forms and WPF), Web (Web forms and MVC) and Mobile (Xamarin) applications. Consequently we use a large list of technologies in every case.


Information handling (storing/loading) is an inseparable part of any application. We have very broad experience in any SQL related programming based on ADO.NET. We focus on MsSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases.

.Net development: from simplest websites to very complex web applications and portals (IIS)

Great websites

Our portfolio contains a number of nicely designed websites developed by using Web-Forms, MVC, Razor, powerful front-end design based on HTML, DHTML, JavaScript with utilization of modern JS frameworks JQuery, AngularJS, etc.

Complex web apps

We have complex web applications in our portfolio, with powerful backend programming and interaction with the front end via Ajax calls.

Modern systems

We also have developed systems that obtain and send data via WCF services or Windows Services for intranet applications.

Real-time functionality

We bring incredible real-time functionality to our applications via SignalR.

Some of the market areas covered by our .NET development services:

.NET is really useful for:

.NET is really useful for:

  •    Data handling, data mining
  •    Text processing and analysis
  •    Power visualization of the data
As well as for:

As well as for:

  •    Automation/Scripts processing
  •    Complex Integration of different systems and data
  •    CAD/CAM/CNC
It’s a great solution for:

It’s a great solution for:

  •    Audio applications
  •    Video applications
  •    Scientific projects (complex math processing)
And certainly for:

And certainly for:

  •    Image analysis and computer vision applications
  •    3D modelling
  •    Hardware control — communication and information retrieving via different protocols