New web design trends for 2021

Web design trends for 2021

Every year it seems to site owners that nothing new can appear in contemporary web design trends. However, every year new trends appear that are worthy of attention. Here are the web design trends in 2021 worth knowing about and adopting to improve your site's performance.

It should also be said that the introduction of new web design trends quickly brings results. This is because it is ordinary users who influence the formation of these modern trends. By adding the new web design trends for 2021, you please your users and build a bridge to their hearts. 

Let's get down to business and consider what web trends in 2021 our web development company has highlighted.

11 Important Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2021

Some web design trends are transient, and some remain forever. Today we want to show you a selection of 11 of the best trends that, according to our web designers, will revolutionize the world of web development.

1. Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a trend that began to spread even before 2020. It has continued into 2021 and will remain for the foreseeable future. Black is versatile and will never go out of style. Remember when black tuxedos and little black dresses went out of fashion? Never! It’s the same with Dark Mode. A black background will look great on any site.

Even popular social networks have added options for a “Dark” and a “Light” Mode. Two viewing options are a great alternative for those who hesitate to add only a Dark Mode.

Dark Mode

2. Voice User Interface 

Voice user interface (VUI) is also a hot trend. It was created in the past few years, but is fully blooming in this one. Our whole world is getting faster and faster every year. Cars are being designed to go even faster, the internet is becoming a super fast, and so on. In this maelstrom of events, users want to quickly find the information they need. To do this, they often use voice search. Voice searches account for almost half of the queries on the Internet. 

Those sites optimized for voice search in 2021 will be able to hit trends precisely thanks to the Voice user interface. Add voice chat bots, voice search accessibility and virtual assistants to your site to improve the user experience.

Voice User Interface

3. Website Load Time

Even if you think we are wrong to add load times to the 2021 web design trends, hear us out It may seem like old advice. However, the speed of your site is directly dependent on the features and design of your site.

All web design trends are basically designed to reduce website load times and make it take about 2 seconds. The faster your site is, the more likely it is that the user will stay on your site and become your client.

Website Load Time

4. Asymmetric layouts

For decades, it has been the norm to create a website based on a grid layout, but the time for change is here. Do you want to be trendy? Then forget about strict clarity and classic structure. Asymmetric layouts are an unconventional approach to website design, which allows visitors to focus on the main elements of the site.

Build your website using asymmetric design to draw attention to your brand and create a unique design.

Asymmetric layouts

5. Photography + graphics

Mixing photography and graphics on your website will be a great indicator that you are following the trends of web design. The main role places your imaginations and the using of high-quality photos.

As you know, photos can carry much more information than simple text. Now imagine how cool it would be when you can mix your images and graphics. This conveys all the information about you and your services as accurately as possible with just images. Photography + graphics are a great combination to keep the attention of your visitors and make your website unique and modern.

Photography + graphics

6. Retro fonts

Someone once said that everything new is long forgotten old trends. In 2021, this will include a return to old fonts (he trend for wide jeans is also back!).

Fonts are an essential part of a website because they make visitors read the information you want to convey to them. Retro fonts will take center stage in 2021. They already carry some pleasant associations in themselves. All you have to do is choose the right font for your business, and that's it. Feel free to experiment with fonts, as they will help create your uniqueness and brand awareness. Coca Cola could do it, so why don't you give it a try?

Retro fonts

7. Muted colors

Bright colors are slowly becoming obsolete. People are tired of something bright and postmodern, and just want peace and stability. Covid may have played a role.

Subdued colors will hit their peak in the middle of 2021. Users perceive muted and calm colors on websites better. Today, users spend most of the day at computers, and their eyes get tired of bright colors. So by creating your site using subdued colors, you make a safe place for their eyes. Users will visit such a site more often.

Muted colors

8. Cartoon illustrations

Today it is impossible to imagine web site design without cartoon illustrations. Such images ushered in a new era in design. If you find a site with cartoons, you won’t forget it.. They are firmly fixed in the memory of site visitors.

Let's face it, these cartoon illustrations can become the hallmark of your business and be associated with your website. Be sure to add illustrations to your site in 2021.

Cartoon illustrations

9. Audio

The audio format of blogs is becoming more and more popular every year — basically, podcasts. You will not only impart different formats to your content, but also provide an opportunity for users with different disabilities to have a pleasant user experience on your site.

In addition, by adding audio to your site, you can reach a larger audience. Now, even while driving, people can listen to your blogs and other information.


10. Scrolling cards

Scrolling cards may not be new, but we really like those different shapes and uses. Together with the web designer, you can figure out how to use them on your site, taking into account all the nuances of your site.

The scrolling cards will add dynamism to your site without unnecessary overload. It is also a great option to present your business in a short and vivid way to new visitors. Teachers have always used such cards in class to help pupils remember the material better. By adding scrolling cards to your site, you will help your visitors remember you better.

Scrolling cards

11. Geometric grids

Geometric grids are supposedly a simple graphic element, but they can be used to create unique designs. These grids elements help you focus users' attention on the right elements.

It is these Geometric grids that become a kind of framework for all the elements on your site. You can use them in geometric as well as asymmetrical layouts.

Geometric grids

Add new web design trends in 2021 to your website!

Success loves the bold — and those who add new web design trends in 2021 to the website. So use our tips to create a cool website or improve an already existing one. Our web developers can add all these trends to your website or the web designer can develop a new design, just ask us.

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