UX Designer vs UI Designer — Infographics

UX Designer vs UI Designer — Infographics

UX Designer vs UI Designer — Infographics

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Nowadays, in our high-tech and inventive society, the terms UI (User Interface) Designer and UX (User Experience) Designer are being used more than ever. Rahul Varshney, a co-creator of clearly explains these terms: “User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are some of the most confused and misused terms in our field. A UI without UX is like a painter slapping paint onto canvas without thought; while UX without UI is like the frame of a sculpture with no paper mache on it. A great product experience starts with UX, followed by UI. Both are essential for the product’s success.” In order to create a stunning website, you need a professional Drupal web design company that will bring together both, UI and UX. Hence, let’s take a closer look at some of the differences and similarities that these notions have.

User Interface Design is a Tool

User Interface Design is quite a powerful tool for Web Design, since it allows a visual, tactile and innate connection with the user. A UI Designer is responsible for everything visitors will see on the web-site interface.

UI incorporates:

  • Visual Design
  • Color Balance
  • Interface Design
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Graphics

User Experience Design is About User Comfort

UX embraces everything UI has and much more. Being a UX Designer means to deeply understand your users’ needs and desires as well as to have a hand in analysis and research of the feedback, and test a design process. Overall, it encompasses all interactions between a customer and a company.

UX incorporates:

  • Field Research
  • User Interview
  • User Profile Creation
  • Data Gathering
  • Information Architecture
  • Diagraming
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Process Maps
  • User Evaluation
  • Content Development
  • Coordination with UI Designers

So, why UX is so important? According to statistics, more than 70% of people who don’t like what they find on the site will go back and search for another one. Also, more than 60% of users give up, because they think you don’t care about them. That’s why interaction between a customer and a company is vital.

Of course, UI and UX have some common features, such as:

  • Visual Design
  • Interface Design
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Graphics

Now that you know the basic concepts of User Interface and User Experience Design, let’s proceed to the differences between UI and UX designers.

UI Designer vs UX Designer

Actually, these two types of designers might have a lot in common, though, in fact, their responsibilities are quite different. A UX Designer has to be analytical, a bit theoretical and rational, while UI Designers are visual, inspired and somewhat artistic. What are their duties, then?

A UI Designer is concerned about the layout and color scheme (making alignments, choosing colors and fonts that complement each other), and visuals (determining whether design trends fit the interface and creating pictures that will improve a website’s usability).

A UX Designer cares about the system organization, which means system improvement for the user to feel comfortable searching needed information, and quite obviously, he should understand a user, conducting an interview and evaluation. The role of a UX Designer is extremely challenging and multi-faceted.

Being completely different, they complement each other, helping to improve a website’s usability.


To cap it all, UI and UX are extremely instrumental in finding solutions to issues in visual and interaction design, and should always come hand in hand. With the kind of design embracing both of them, UI and UX, you will hit exactly the right note. You will develop a product that is truly cutting edge, pushing ideas to life with UX and UI!

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