Top Mozilla-Firefox 2015 Add-ons for Web Developers

Top Mozilla-Firefox 2015 Add-ons for Web Developers

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers for web developers Firefox is one of the most popular browsers for web-developers due to a wide range of web-development tools. Working in a convenient environment and having lots of means for programming will make this process smooth and effortless. All you need is add-ons for enhancing and customizing Mozilla-based applications. These extensions modify already existing features as well as add brand-new components. As you can see, having just a plain browser is not enough, so try the following top Mozilla-Firefox 2015 add-ons:

Debuggers and trackers


Firebug is a number one of all add-ons because it performs quite useful functions. It will enable you to edit, monitor and debug CSS, HTML or JavaScript files in actual time in every page without exceptions.

Firefox Add-ons: Firebug

Firefox Add-ons: Firebug

JavaScript Debugger

If you don’t need all the features Firebug equips you with, you might be interested in JavaScript Debugger. In case you do a lot of coding within the browser, use the latter.

Web Developer

The Web Developer add-on is a must-have! Choose any of development tools to maintain forms, CSS and HTML files, and so much more.

Firefox Add-ons: Web Developer


Are you afraid of ghosts? With a Ghostery you won’t fear any :) It means you don’t have to worry about sites and trackers that can collect some data about you, as this add-on allows blocking specific pages that you don’t want to be tracked by.

Firefox Add-ons: Ghostery


BetterPrivacy may serve as an alternative to the Ghostery. Using this add-on you will be able to get rid of unwanted cookies or simply manage them.

Firefox Add-ons: BetterPrivacy

Colors and visuals

Now, let’s talk about add-ons, which will help in front-end development. With extensions like ColorZilla and Rainbow Color Tools, you have entire freedom and no bounds picking colors and generating gradients.


ColorZilla allows manipulating with colors on any web-page: just single out a piece of text and then let the add-on give you a color code for it.

Firefox Add-ons: ColorZilla

Firefox Add-ons: ColorZilla

Rainbow Color Tools

Tools Rainbow Color Tools extracts color scheme, has an HSV color picker and can get a color of any pixel. In addition, it contains a library, where all colors can be sorted by hues, dates when they were saved, or any other metrics.

Firefox Add-ons: Rainbow Color

Firefox Add-ons: Rainbow Color

Awesome Screenshoot Plus

In order to catch every single inch of the picture, use Awesome Screenshoot Plus. Annotate and mark your screenshot with circles, triangles, arrows or any other signs.

Firefox Add-ons: Awesome Screenshots Plus


And just for an enjoyable working process download ColorfulTabs. This add-on makes every tab of a different color, and as a result it is easier to distinguish between every tab. It looks really cute!

Firefox Add-ons: Colorful Tabs

Other cool stuff

Considering the fact that Mozilla-Firefox is rich in add-ons, it is used by many developers.


iMacros “lives” to remember the most repetitious actions you’ve already done. You won’t have to fill out forms, visit the same web-sites or do any routine over and over again. Just automate your Firefox!

Firefox Add-ons: iMacros

User Agent Switcher

User Agent Switcher aids to change the user agent in a browser. HackBar has nothing to do with hacking; it provides developers with some tools for decoding information as well as for checking SQL and XSS.

Firefox Add-ons: User Agent Switcher

Cookies Manager+

Cookies Manager+ has been developed for managing your cookie files. It allows editing, creating, backuping cookies and getting extra information about them.

Firefox Add-ons: Cookies Manager+


JSONView, exists for converting JSON output into readable manner. JSON documents are shown in the browser similar to XML documents.

Firefox Add-ons: JSONView

Summing up

Ultimately, you have seen how many hangouts Mozilla-Firefox offers for web-developers. The one who holds all the aces is, without question, the one who uses these top add-ons in desktop or mobile Drupal development. If you haven’t used those tools, begin now, because if you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do what you’ve never done. Best of luck :)

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