The first SymfonyCafe took place in Lviv

SymfonyCafe Lviv

Lviv is rich with different IT-events. And the IT community is highly developed there. That’s why we organized the first Ukrainian SymfonyCafe in Lviv. Maybe it’s the first time in human history (well, if it’s not, please let us know:). So the enthusiastic outsourced web development team of Idevels was already there at 12 PM, on Feb. 21st, ready for new experience, knowledge and acquaintances.

Naturally, we brought some presents and treats with us! Just look at those cute handmade mugs! The visitors enjoyed them. Someone has already collected a whole family: the one with druplicon and the other with Symfony logo.

SymfonyCafe cups

The atmosphere at the event was friendly and relaxed. The visitors gladly shared their impressions and communicated with others before the event started and during the coffee breaks.

SymfonyCafe coffee break

We started at 13 PM with our first report. Maksym Moskvychev has told about the Architecture of a web project on Symfony. Nice info for those who are just starting their Symfony investigation.

SymfonyCafe reporter Maksym Moskvychev

The second report was delivered by Roman Rodomanskyy and dealt with deployment Symfony applications with Ansible. The first slide of his presentation was… surprising. The whole audience was like, “OMG, wat?!”. But it was funny anyway and the report itself was very useful and understandable even for Symfony toddlers. By the way, Roman shared his presentation with us, so you can take a look.

SymfonyCafe reporter Roman Rodomanskyy

And to make the event more understandable for vaster audience, the last report dealt with relation between Symfony and Drupal 8. Ivan Fesiuk was telling about Symfony elements in Drupal 8 core and underlined the advantages of such approach.

SymfonyCafe reporter Ivan Fesiuk

The hosts and the visitors of SymfonyCafe Lviv are really nice guys, and we enjoyed communicating with them. So the day finished in a cozy Armenian restaurant where we could share our impressions and just chat in an informal atmosphere.

We’re already looking forward to another Symfony events. We would be happy to organize some more in the nearest future! Keep in touch and see you at the second SymfonyCafe!

P.S.: more info and fun with official event tag: #symfonycafe.

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