Symfony Camp UA 2014 is coming soon

Symfony Camp UA 2014

We have told you a lot about our sponsorship activities in our blog posts, as well as via social media. And yet we have another opportunity to speak about significant IT events. The Camp devoted to Symfony development is taking place in Kyiv very soon and InternetDevels Drupal website development company is happy to announce: we are the sponsors of Symfony Camp 2014!

Symfony Camp UA is an annual gathering of Symfony followers, lovers and developers, that is taking place in the heart of Ukraine — ancient and magnificent Kyiv. The event invariably brings together IT experts from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, EU countries and, in fact, from all over the world. Experienced PHP developers, project managers, business owners, HR specialists, usability experts and a lot of other interesting and useful individuals visit such events with a great pleasure.

The format of the conference involves the exchange of the professional experience between the participants combined with the friendly informal communication during parties. Organizers invite the best experts to become the Camp’s reporters and choose the topics of the presentations very carefully. All the reports are pre-listened first to ensure they are of high quality and up-to-date.

This year Symfony Camp UA will be held on November, 1-2 and is going to be one of the most significant IT events in Ukraine. This time, however, it will have a new unusual format. The Conference will be held together with Drupal Community. What does it mean? Even more useful contacts, valuable information and interesting discussions are waiting for you! There will be two streams of presentations held in different rooms, and all the participants will be able to choose the most interesting reports freely. The camps and cons of such kind will be now taking place all over the world. Keep yourself updated by joining the page devoted to international Symfony events.

Another good piece of news will please all passionate Symfonists and Drupallers, as the second day of the Camp will be devoted to the Symfony&Drupal Hackathon! Such cooperation will help a lot of developers to dig deeper into Symfony and to understand D8’s structure much better! The participants will also work together to solve open issues on the most popular FOSS project. That would be very useful for those, who want to get some more info about Symfony, as it’s quite new but still very promising technology. Nowadays, Ukrainian web developers actively work on setting up of Ukrainian Symfony community. Want to help? Join topical group on Facebook!

InternetDevels web development services company is sure that this year’s Camp will be cool and exciting. Best wishes to all the participants and organizers! Get the most of it and enjoy your time at Symfony Camp UA 2014!

See you there!

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