Should my website support Internet Explorer?

Should my website support Internet Explorer

“Does a website supporting Internet Explorer Still Make Sense?”

This is the main question that Internetdevels Drupal support company will answer today. 

We decided to return to this topic since recently our customers asked us to configure their site to display correctly in Internet Explorer Browser. But there is no need to do this, since the website for support Internet Explorer is no longer needed in the modern digital world. Let's go!

Why is website support for Internet Explorer old fashioned?

As Heraclitus of Ephesus said "Everything flows, everything changes."

December 1, 2016, Microsoft stopped supporting all IE versions including Internet Explorer 10. 

Even Microsoft Security Chief, Chris Jackson asked users to stop website support of Internet Explorer because it is no longer safe.

Internet Explorer was one of the first and favorite browsers, but its time has passed. Today it does not meet the requirements of the W3C and therefore causes a lot of problems.

The 5 top problems of Internet Explorer Browser

    1. W3C standards mismatch
    2. rare updates
    3. insufficient number of features
    4. lack of Microsoft support
    5. outdated threads

We believe this statement is a good reason to stop website support for Internet Explorer in 2021. Internet Explorer availability no longer needs to be configured on our site. There are many other browsers worth focusing on.

Which Browsers Should Your Website Support?

In order to conveniently use the Internet, you need to use a browser. According to W3counter as of May 2020, the most popular browsers are:

      • Chrome - 56.1%
      • Safari - 18.1%
      • Firefox - 5.,5%
      • Internet Explorer, Edge - 7.5%
      • Opera - 3.7%

Which Browsers Should Your Website Support

Which Browsers Should Your Website Support

The fact that Chrome has taken first place for such a long time can be easily explained. The fact is that it is constantly being improved and changed in order to provide the most pleasant user experience

For example, since 2018, Google began to actively work on managing and improving advertising. The graphic proves its efficiency.

Then let's look at Internet Explorer data. It has lost its position due to the lack of active improvement and compliance with the latest requirements.

Which is the best web browser?

As it says on the taste and color of the comrade is not present.

Everyone chooses which browser is more convenient to use. It all depends on your needs. 

Below we show the main characteristics of these top browsers and their features. 

The statistics confirm our words that the website support for Internet Explorer is already a thing of the past, and it’s not important and not “required” to make sites with Internet Explorer support.

Which is the best web browser?

Now you can see that you don't need to add Internet Explorer support on your website.

How many people still use IE?

To understand how many people are still using Internet Explorer we suggest you take a look at the chart below.

How many people still use IE

According to the latest statistics, IE is rapidly losing its popularity and is rarely used.

Who still uses IE?

1. It is used by those who have run a business for a long time and use the business tools that were designed for IE.

Users understand that IE support is a thing of the past, but do not want to switch to another browser, as they need to do all their interactions on it. Therefore, they continue to use older versions of IE and saddles themselves with poor functionality.

2. It is used by those who work in a special field and require certificate recovery. What are we talking about? For example, medical companies must obtain Food and Drug Administration certificates. To change the browser they need to renew FDA certificates, which is not very convenient for them. Therefore, they continue to use Internet Explorer support on the website.

3. In the third category, we would put the users with experience :)

In one of the forums, we found interesting answers to the question: "People who still use Internet Explorer support on the website, why?"

People who still use Internet Explorer support on the website, why

What Browsers Should My Website Support instead of Internet Explorer?

Today website support of the Internet Explorer browser is not required, even Microsoft stopped its support. It is better to take care of the correct support and display of your website on other browsers, for example, Google Chrome.

If you still have questions, ask the web developers at the Internetdevels about everything that interests you. We will be happy to assist you with testing your site or other issues. Our Internetdevels team are real experts who are good at their job and do it responsibly, quickly, and at affordable prices.

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