Online stores in Magento: a glimpse at basic features

Online stores in Magento: a glimpse at basic features

Greetings! If you are here, it’s probably because you feel it’s time to have an awesome online store. Maybe you don’t even know it yet — but we can help you uncover your true desire. Just imagine the store you could have. Your store usability will be top-notch, its shopping cart will be handy, and it will display on mobile devices beautifully. And, of course, it will offer your buyers a good choice of goods — just like we are offering you a good choice of platforms to base your store on. One of them is Magento. Let’s take a glimpse at what it can give you.

Magento: made purely for e-commerce

Magento, an e-commerce platform written in PHP, fits online stores of all scopes — no matter if their products number in the dozens or thousands. You can actually start with a dozen items and extend to a thousand, because Magento scalability will allow for it.

Magento Community Edition is free and open-source. It provides plenty of out-of-box features for stores, and lots of extra Magento extensions can further expand the functionality. In addition, Magento web developers can do miracles in customization, so online stores fit their owners’ wishes exactly.

It has been designed primarily for listing and selling products. However, when in good hands, Magento allows for adding other types of pages, as well as integration with other applications and services.

The fresh release, Magento 2.x, has a more user-friendly dashboard for shop administration, handier visualization tools, a higher level of security, and much more.

A glimpse at Magento basic features for online stores

  • Multiple stores

You can manage multiple stores from the same Magento dashboard. Unless they are too traffic-heavy to be hosted separately, this is a very time- and cost-effective option.

  • Marketing

You will be able to easily create coupons, grant awards, offer related products, set promotional prices, integrate with newsletter services, create landing pages for campaigns, invite users to social media, and more.

  • Products

Magento has a variety of product types like simple, grouped, configurable, virtual, bundled, and downloadable products. The interface for listing and managing products is handy.

  • Shipping

You can make your shipping settings by selecting the available options, integrating with local shipping cost calculators, or creating your own special shipping rules.

  • SEO

Magento’s features for search engine optimization include SEO-friendly URLs, automatic creation of site maps, handy metadata management for products and categories, and more.

  • Payments

Magento works well with various payment gateways, and it is relatively easy to set up the integration. There also are options for payments with check, cash on delivery, bank transfer, etc.

  • Reporting

You can have reports about sales amounts, the most viewed, most sold, and most searched items, shopping cart abandonment, products out of stock, and more. Report export is also available.

  • Mobile display

Magento has a responsive shopping cart, which makes it look good on the screens of all devices.

  • User roles and permissions

You can decide which areas and actions on your store should be accessible to which users, just set user roles and assign permissions to them.

  • Languages and currencies

Going worldwide will be handy with Magento’s support for multiple currencies and multiple languages.


These are just a couple of treasures from Magento’s chest. Your store can look and work exactly as you wish, if you entrust its development to a good Magento ecommerce development company. Get one here!

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