IT Day Rivne: talking about IT prospects!

IT Day Rivne: talking about IT prospects!

Another cool IT event by the organizers of Lviv Euro DrupalCamp. InternetDevels Drupal development company loves making such events. So here's the report! ;)

Information about IT field should be widely promoted, as it is the most promising development trend today. With this goal in mind, InternetDevels company hosted a conference held on the 7th of November in Rivne. It was dedicated to the choice of profession in IT industry. The event brought together over 70 participants, as its agenda included experienced speakers from Lutsk, Rivne and Kyiv. All of the conferees gathered on the premises of our hospitable partner, Step Computer Academy.

Pavlo Makhrynskyi, CEO at InternetDevels, gave some good opening remarks, thus making the beginning of the event welcoming and positive. And.... speakers started sharing insights in their reports. Each of them was interesting, motivating and useful for the would-be IT specialists. 

The first report, “Where Is the Web Moving”, was presented by Ivan Tibezh, a Team Lead at InternetDevels. How does the Internet work? What is web development? What does the future web developer need to know, and where do you start your studies from? Attendees got answers to many questions and learned lots of new things.

Then, we were given a master class “Career Road Map. The Business Model for a Freelancer” by Anastasia Lenchynska, the Head of InternetDevels office in Rivne. Everyone had a chance to shape their own business model, see its pros and cons, as well as get some valuable tips from Anastasia. She has got lots of experience working as a freelancer!

The next report, “Game Industry State. Its Trends and Challenges”, was introduced by the co-founder and CEO at JoyRocks, Taras Tarasov. Why is there such a great demand and rapid development in the sphere of entertainment? What are the peculiarities of working in this domain, and what are the requirements of game companies to their employees? How do you implement a game and earn your first million? :) This report was so breathtaking and dynamic, that there were many questions given not only at the end of the report, but also during all breaks.

The fourth report, “Internal Development in the Ukrainian IT business - not Only 1C” was done by the IT Director at CTS, Valentin Budkin. Which projects are implemented in Ukraine, and which are in great demand? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with national customers? Participants could learn a lot of new and practical information.

“How Can You Find Your Place in IT Field. Nontechnical Professions.” was the next report prepared by Marija Pismenna, Event&Marketing Manager at InternetDevels. If you consider working in IT industry, you shouldn’t focus only on professions like QA testers or developers, as there is a wide range of other cool and vital jobs, such as marketing managers, sales managers, content managers, project managers, event managers, and many more. The key is to pay attention to personal skills and know where you can obtain the necessary knowledge.

Even more interesting was the report delivered by Oleg Kostyukevych, Local Expert and Insurance Expert at Lionest. He shared with us some ideas about the ways of contributing into Google Maps service, and how those services can be used for business promotion purposes on the Internet.

Olexander Barkov, CEO at DEWEB Studio, gave answers to the questions that most of the participants wanted to know. How can you get into an IT company, what do you need to study first, which drupal development specialists do the IT industry need, and which are redundant on the market? In his report, “Junior Way. How to Start and Never Stop Growing in IT”, he showed the IT company behind the scenes. After this report, many of participants started to look at the IT industry from a different perspective and evaluate their chances more objectively.

At the end of this conference Yaroslava Skrupnyk, an HR Manager at InternetDevels, conducted an intensive master class “Brand Ownership. Its Value on the Labor Market”. What do HR pay attention to at IT companies? How can you remain valuable on a labor market among other specialists, even if you are a novice? This master class was an amazing outcome at the end of the conference, as knowing this information, you may start preparing for your first interview.

At the end of the conference, InternetDevels web development services company prepared nice souvenirs for all conferees and gave them original cups for a gift. Moreover, the most active participant out of all speakers got our corporate T-shirt! There is no IT event without an after party! After all reports were done, we gathered in a pub nearby, where we could have a chat in a friendly atmosphere. This evening was pretty interesting, we had lots of fun and everyone got new acquaintances. We are so excited to have motivated people to pursue their career in the domain of IT. Speakers helped to shape the vision of the IT industry direction, some peculiarities of working in this sphere and possibilities open to everybody. Everyone has their own way of getting into an IT company, and those who are creative, extraordinary, and ready to learn and develop more will eventually become our colleagues.

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