Install Drupal base package in 10 minutes with our new script!

Install Drupal base package in 10 minutes with our new script!

What can you do in 10 minutes? Make yourself some coffee, look into the window, yawn a couple of times and psych yourself up for the long installation of the Drupal base package? Guys, what a waste of time!

Could you believe that 10 minutes are enough to install Drupal base package? Impossible? Well, at first glance, installing Drupal base package really seems to be a challenging task. If you are not an IT guru or a very experienced Drupal developer, you probably think that it will last for a couple of hours...or maybe even all day.

Forget the word “impossible” with InternetDevels Drupal development agency!

We have written a script that enables anyone to install the Drupal base package in just 10 minutes.

Now, you are just 3 simple steps away from having your own basic Drupal website.

Step 1: Download the file

You can get the script from the repository on GitHub. Follow this link to download it, Or you can download the script using GIT (git clone 

Step 2: Run the script

First, you need to choose the folder where you want to install your future Drupal website.

Then run two simple commands:

sudo chmod +x /path/to/script/folder/dbpi/

sudo /path/to/script/folder/dbpi/

Step 3: Follow the instructions from cmd

During the installation, the script asks to give some parameters for the future site: project name, username and password for the database, etc., as well as to confirm some stages of installation.

For more details, including console commands, you are welcome to view our presentation.

Having completed the installation, you will get a ready basic Drupal site that includes Drupal core and the following modules: Global redirect, Admin menu, Ctools, Token, Views, Pathauto, Google Analytics, Xmlsitemap, Elysia cron, Metatag, Wysiwyg, Imce, Wysiwyg filter, Transliteration, Subpathauto.

After that, you will be able to work with your new Drupal website, add more modules and configure it to your liking. We wish you good luck in this exciting process!

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