Insert Module

Insert Module

It’s a very helpful module, which allows inserting FileField right into the text editor. For example, in the process of writing this text an Insert button was pushed, and the following image appeared in the text:

Very comfortable, isn’t it?

The module is very useful for the site editor, because it solves the problem of image ordering, and it also allows manipulating images in the text in a very useful way. Adjusting the blog, I installed and customized the settings of the given module.

Shortly about installation and settings.

The module is taken here: It’s installed as an ordinary module. After installation, we see it in File Field settings looking like that:

By the way, this block didn’t appear at once; I had to update CCK and FileField modules to their last versions.

To launch the module, it should be turned on with Enable Insert Button checkbox, then choose ImageCache styles and the following figure will appear in add/edit form nods of the given type of content:

Hmm, I used the same image for the second time. Convenient module. As a rule, we use it Drupal website development.

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