Tutorial on how to install Microsoft Clarity on the WordPress site

Tutorial on how to install Microsoft Clarity on the WordPress site

Microsoft recently launched its own analytics tool Microsoft Clarity. This tool is free and is the main competitor of Google Analytics. Microsoft clarity analytics is best suited for beginners and people who are just starting to understand the whole system. Do you know how to easily install Microsoft Clarity on a WordPress site?

Precisely because interest in Microsoft Clarity has now increased, our web developers have compiled a step-by-step guide to installing it.

What is Microsoft Clarity analytics and why do you need it on a WordPress site?

Microsoft Clarity is a simple, free, and easy-to-use tool for analyzing your data. It shows:

  1. popular pages
  2. page clicks
  3. dead clicks
  4. scroll depth
  5. interaction with every page
  6. heat maps
  7. session recordings
  8. referrers
  9. operating systems
  10. countries


Even though it is designed for casual users at its core, Microsoft Clarity is no less powerful than Google Analytics.

The most convenient thing is that you see all the information presented visually.

For example, if we look at heat maps, they show in detail where the users are holding the mouse, how they move the mouse, and where they click most often. 

 heat maps

This is very convenient because you can better position the forms, content, and buttons on your site using this analysis. All the data obtained allows you to improve your site, including the usability and conversion rate.

It is not recommended to use Microsoft Clarity for:

These sites may contain confidential information and information about the user's health and government-related information.

It is not recommended to use Microsoft Clarity for:

Microsoft Clarity or Google Analytics – What’s the better?

Both Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity are useful analytics tools. Comparing them is appropriate, but it’s a bit like comparing cake and sausage. There are fans of both.  We will try just briefly to show the features of each of these analytic tools.

  • Google Analytics is a classic and fundamental tool for getting your website analytics. It tracks anything on your site. It is often used to track conversion tracking, data on eCommerce sites, and receive more in-depth data and reports.
  • Microsoft Clarity is a new platform for getting analytics on your website. It provides basic analytics based on heatmaps and session recordings and is best used in conjunction with Google Analytics. Together, this duo allows you to see the whole situation with your site.

To draw a parallel, Google Analytics is like a bun, and Microsoft Clarity is the filling. It’s better if they go together.

How to Install Microsoft Clarity Analytics on the WordPress site

We suggest you not only read about the effectiveness of this new tool, but put its power into practice too. Let's install Microsoft Clarity Analytics on your WordPress site, together!

Step 1. Sign up for Microsoft Clarity

First of all, you need to go to the Microsoft Clarity site and register there, in one of 3 ways:

  • you can register via Gmail
  • you can register via Facebook
  • you can register via Outlook

After you log in, you will see a popup through which you can add your new project.

Fill in all the data required for your project:

  • project name (you can use the name of your site)
  • website URL
  • site category

Sign up for Microsoft Clarity

Step 2. Get the Clarity tracking code

After successful registration, a new project tab will appear on your dashboard. Click on it to see a unique code. You must copy this tracking code. It is crucial.

Get the Clarity tracking code

Step 3. Add the Microsoft Clarity Code to your WordPress site

For everything to work, you need to add the tracking code to your site's header. There are four options to do this:

  1. you are a programmer, and you can do it yourself
  2. do it via the WordPress plugin Header & Footer Scripts or Insert Headers and Footers plugin
  3. use the Google Tag Manager
  4. get help from our web developers

We’ll explore the second option in more detail. All you need to do is install one of these plugins. After that, you can easily add the tracking code to precisely the right place without harming your site.

Step 4. See the results in Microsoft Clarity 

After correct installation, it should take approximately 2-3 hours to see the first analytics data.

By installing Microsoft Clarity, you will receive information about:

  1. the most popular pages on your site
  2. the percentage of dead clicks per session
  3. the number of quick backs per session
  4. excessive scrolling
  5. the rapid clicks statistic
  6. the user's device data
  7. the data of popular operating systems
  8. info about the user's countries
  9. places where people are clicking on your site
  10. the heatmap of your website

and much more 

Step 5. Integrate the Microsoft Clarity Analytics Tool with Google Analytics

To get better analytics data for your site, you should integrate Microsoft Clarity with Google Analytics. Open the setup section and click the Get Started button on the Google Analytics integration. Just log in through the same email or account that you used to log in to Microsoft Clarity.

Install Microsoft Clarity Analytics on your WordPress website with Internetdevels

Hopefully, today's guide on installing Microsoft Clarity on the WordPress site will help you through the process.

Any business on the Internet needs powerful analytical tools, and it’s up to you whether to use Microsoft Clarity or Google Analytics. The Internetdevels web development company would advise using both of them. Do you have any other questions? If so, we will be happy to answer them.

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