9 Tips to create a website like Apple

how to create a website like apple

  • Have you ever visited Apple's official website?
  • Remember what emotions and feelings it caused?

Most likely it was a mixture of awe, aesthetic pleasure, freshness, and ease of use. At least, those are the feelings we get from the Apple site.
The Apple website has thought about the details. It has to convince the client to buy the product. If you are interested in how to create a website like Apple, then you have come to the right place. Our web development company has analyzed the site and today we will try to reveal all the secrets of creating the same site as Apple.

Main tips to build a website like Apple

If you want your site to look like Apple, then follow our tips.

1. Use a simple design

Apple keeps the site design to a minimum. Gone are the days when your site should be filled with as much content and graphic elements as possible. It is not necessary to load up your site with photos and gifs and graphs and content and videos and podcasts and reviews and... This is all unnecessary.
Less is better. People love clean websites that don't overload their brains. Your site should become a spacious room, not a narrow pantry filled with rubbish.

Visual appeal is at the heart of the Apple website. The site is characterized by the use of:

  • simple fonts
  • minimum colors
  • transparency
  • a lot of white space

Apple website

2. Add clear navigation

In recent years, the Apple website has become a prime example of how you can build a clear hierarchy and navigation, despite having a large number of products and services. The site has a simple top navigation bar in the form of clean icons. The bar does not have a drop-down sub-menu, which makes life much easier for users.
Devote particular attention to your site navigation and the usability of your site. The easier and faster users can find the information they need on the site, the more likely they are to become your customers.

Add clear navigation

3. Only use high-quality graphics

The high-quality images and graphics show that the site owners care seriously about their brand. Most sites suffer from poor quality images.
The Apple website clearly demonstrates the level that graphic elements should be. All images and graphics used on the Apple website are of the highest quality.
If you want to create a website like Apple, then concentrate all your efforts on ensuring that your images, videos, and graphics are all high quality.

Don't use stock images — it will kill your business and website. It is better to use one high-quality photo than 10 stock photos.

Only use high-quality graphics

4. Get a master website architect

The golden rule for anyone who wants to create a website like Apple is to first of all pay attention to the architecture of the website and make it perfect.
The site architecture is code. It is like the basis of the house. The stronger the foundation, the more it can withstand.
Apple's site architecture is well built, which allows the site to run smoothly and load quickly.

A strong site architecture will cope with spikes in update traffic and other unpredictable issues.
Regardless of whether you choose WordPress or Drupal to build a site like Apple, keep the site architecture in mind.

5. Take care of brand consistency

Another striking feature of the Apple website is consistency in design and branding. All pages of the website are designed in the same style, which beautifully demonstrates that the brand cares about its image.
Imagine, for a moment, if Apple had each different page with different fonts, colors, and layouts — it would be terrible.
Therefore, in order to create a site similar to Apple, stick to one style on all the pages. Think over the site so that all the elements combine and interact smoothly. Consistency is the gold standard for success.

Take care of brand consistency

6. Be flexible to changes

Do you know why the Apple website and Apple products are so popular? Because they are not afraid of change. Continuous website development is the key to success.
The site can be compared to a garden. If you decide to create your website, then you must be ready to constantly improve and maintain it — that’s the way to succeed.

Apple proved by its example that you need to develop and be open to change in order to succeed.

7. Optimize your website for mobile

Every year there are more and more mobile users, and as a result, most web traffic comes from mobile users now. Apple took this into account and optimized their site for mobile users, and have received a lot of benefits from this. If you want your site to be similar to Apple's, be sure to take this information into account. According to the latest data, more than 52 percent of users are mobile — it is the future.

8. Create a site for different regions

In order to create a site similar to Apple, one must take into account the fact that it is multilingual. The fact that you make your site available in different languages shows your users your respect for them. The more languages your site has, the more audiences and clients you can get.

Create a site for different regions

9. SEO optimized website

Regardless of whether you want to create a website like Apple or like the other popular brand's site, you should devote a lot of attention to its SEO optimization. Optimize your content, images, and videos so your business is highly ranked by search engines. Otherwise, your site will exist on the Internet, but no one will see it. If you look at Apple's site, it is a good example of a well-optimized site. Create your own website that will rank first in the search results.

Make your Website Look Like Apple!

Apple's website is a great example of a stylish, easy-to-use, and successful website. If you are planning to build a website like Apple, then you should pay attention to all our tips.
Even if you are not as popular and well known as Apple, you can create a similar site and still make big bucks. Web developers at the Internetdevels are ready to bring all your ideas to life.

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