How DruDesk works: a closer look at our Drupal support service

How DruDesk works: a closer look at our Drupal support service

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If your website could speak, there’s one most important thing you would probably hear. And this thing is, “Please send me to DruDesk!”. Such a silent request can come up in many cases — let’s see when.

Is your website slow in performance, just like a snail? Do bugs keep eating out your profits by scaring away your potential customers? Is there something that you would like to improve or add? Does some error message irritate you and your users more and more? Then there is one message that should appear on your screen: “Send me to DruDesk right now, please!” :)

Websites know who cares about them. And do you already know what DruDesk is? This new Drupal website support service by InternetDevels has burst into the market of IT services like a “perfect storm of opportunity” and immediately gained a lot of happy customers. Yes, people like when all their problems are solved...or, better to say, dissolved in a magic way by the professional problem-dissolvers ;)

Let’s unveil every important detail

This all sounds very promising, but you would probably like to know in more detail how our Drupal support service works. We will tell you how the process goes, how much it all costs, how much time it takes and much more useful information. Let’s take a closer look at it all.

Hello! Can we help you? We are sure we can!

The cooperation starts when you contact us in any way convenient for you and tell us what your website needs. We carefully listen to all your requirements, complaints and wishes. Then we estimate and tell you the timing and the price for settling it all out. You are already on your way to having a perfect website.

Don’t know what should be done? DruDesk magicians will tell you!

If something mysterious is going on with your Drupal website that you can’t explain, leave it all to us. We offer a special service of site audit, which means a complete review of your website. We check if the code quality is ok, if the versions of the modules and the core are updated, if the performance is good, if there are any security vulnerabilities or hacks in the modules and the core and much more. Furthermore, we tell you what needs to be done about it all and then do it if it’s agreed with you.

The clock is ticking: what’s the delivery time?

We strive to relieve all your troubles really quickly, so usually 1-2 working days are enough for us. Done! It may take more time in complicated cases, when much work is to be done or if you need permanent support and maintenance for you Drupal website. All the details are discussed in the process of communication.

Money matters: how much do DruDesk services cost?

We would like you to stay with us long term, so we offer nice prices. We have established an hourly rate for our services. But it varies depending on the scope of work — and we discuss it all with you. The bigger the scope of work a month is, the lower your rate will be.

DruDesk payment options: choose the most convenient one

We offer these methods of payment: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer. No option good for you? Discuss it with us, and we will find a solution.

Transparency in tasks: you have the control!

Every step of the process is registered in a special task tracker. Notifications about the completion of some scope of work come both to your browser and email. We deploy a copy of your website on our dev server for you to see everything that is done about it. No important detail will be missed!

We hope we have made the details clear, but you are welcome to ask more questions at Drupal support services ( Give your website what it wants — and it will repay you with more customers and higher profits.

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