Why create an event website on Drupal?

Why create an event website on Drupal?

Creating an event website is not a big deal anymore. There are plenty of content management systems that offer quick results. The InternetDevels website development services company always prefers Drupal for conference website development. Why? They are impressive, secure and extendable. Find out the advantages of making an event website on Drupal.

Benefits of developing an event website on Drupal

Drupal is an open-source platform for content management and truly stands apart from other CMS solutions. It offers a number of out-of-the-box tools for customization and maintenance. Drupal offers tons of both free and premium templates. In addition, there are thousands of modules on that can help you build an amazing event platform. This comes in handy when you have to launch a conference website quickly. Last but not least, Drupal is a multilingual platform. It includes support for 100+ languages.

We call Drupal a user-friendly CMS because it lets you perform tasks with minimum efforts and in a way that is clear and obvious. 

Check out why you should develop an event website on Drupal.

  • Drupal is User-Friendly

The prominence of the event directly depends on its quality. The website is the first thing a potential guest gets acquainted with. The first impression matters. Showcase your event with a high quality website featuring an appealing design and user-friendly interface.

Drupal CMS was built mobile-first, and its responsive out-of-the box themes perform well on all devices. This enables developers and editors to focus on other important tasks. Drupal performs on mobile devices better than other frameworks or CMS, which means better user experience. Besides, it provides the most natural editing process.

  • Easy Event Signup

Almost every conference website requires a signup feature. This is not an issue with Drupal. There are plenty of modules that make signup easy and secure. For example, Event Signup module allows users to sign up or register on the website effortless. When used on nodes that have a start time (CCK date field or Event module), it can send out reminder emails to all signups X days before the conference and auto-close event signups X hours before its start.

If you want certain people to visit and signup on your conference website, Drupal offers Event Invitation module that lets you send invitations when creating or publishing an event.

  • Fast Event Ticketing on website

Tickets are the necessity for many events. To make life easier both for the customers and managers, the ticketing feature is a must-have for a conference platform. Again, Drupal is here to offer a number of solutions. For example, Event Tickets module provides integration with many e-ticketing services directly into your website. It is an easy way to get a ticket for the event.

  • Schedule the Events Right

Usually, there are plenty of meetings, speeches or performances at the event. If you don’t want to confuse your guests and make the schedule clear, an event website on Drupal is a solution. Schedule module may be used to inform guests about the time and place of a certain presentation, speech or performance. In addition, you can use Countdown module to count the days, hours, minutes, and seconds since or until a specified event.

  • Easy Content Publication

An event platform is a dynamic one. It is often necessary to update or publish new content. For example, you might want to add some information about the sponsors or describe certain speakers who will be present at the conference. Here is when an event website on Drupal benefits you again. This CMS makes it easy to manage the website even for a person who is not familiar with programming. Drupal allows creating content with a WUSIWUG (what you see is what you get) editor. On-go mobile editing is also possible.

  • Responsive Drupal Event Themes

In Drupal, you get a user-friendly layout by default. You do not have to create the design from scratch. Drupal offers plenty of pre-made themes. Many of them are appropriate for specific event platforms. We have pointed out the most popular ones.


Universh is fully Responsive Drupal 8 Template. It comes with 10 different page layouts and unlimited headers. The layout adapts to different screen sizes, which makes a website compatible with any device.

Universh Responsive Drupal Event Theme


WeMusic Drupal Theme was built specifically for Music Event organisers. It offers 100% Responsive Layout, 2 Profiles (Default/Shop), 2 Skins (Dark/Light), 4 Homepage Styles. Audio Player is included.

WeMusic Drupal Event Theme


Okno is an Ultimate Multipurpose Drupal 8 Theme. Okno includes a number of valuable & unique pages and components. Due to responsive design, this theme will look and work awesome on any device.

Okno Multipurpose Drupal Event Theme

  • Drupal is Secure

Drupal has earned a high reputation for online security. It protects and secures user’s personal data. A Drupal website is not that easy to hack. There are a number of modules that eliminate spam and prevent spambots from scraping the website for email addresses or posting.

For example, this is the most secure CMS for payment processing. Unlike WordPress automated plugin, personal or financial data is not stored and information is kept safe from hackers. Use Payment platform that allows other modules to use any of the payment methods that plug into Payment.

See how Drupal can rise for your event website!

Of course, the list does not constitute all the advantages of Drupal usage for an event website development. However, we tried to highlight the most important features that Drupal development offers.

The team at InternetDevels encourages you to showcase your conferences through an event website on Drupal.

We are advanced in event website development and created a number of successful platforms. For example, we created a platform for Drupal Camp 2017 in Lutsk.

Don’t think too long, contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance on developing an event website on Drupal. We can develop a platform that will raise your conference immediately.

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