Students’ feedback about the dual form of education at Internetdevels

Students’ feedback about the dual form of education at Internetdevels

5 months have passed since the first-year students of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University first came to Internetdevels outsource web development company and started their course of dual education.

Today 4 of them are already working in our company, and 2 more are being trained with us.

This blog interview will be dedicated to the feedback that students left about dual education at the Internetdevels. What interesting comments did the dual education program students have? Read on - it’s worth your time!

1. What triggered you to take part in a dual education program at Internetdevels?

Yuliia Chaika, QA and PA

Yuliia Chaika

Well, I have to start by saying that this was an experiment for me. I was convinced I was going to explore a completely different field, but I decided I had to try something new. I don’t regret this.

The desire to realize me in this world, self-development, and credo “You will not succeed unless you leave your comfort zone” were the main reasons. Besides, isn’t the IT-sphere now ruling the world?

Julia Misiuk, PA

At the university, we were informed that there will be a selection for a dual education in the web development company InternetDevels, therefore I decided to take this chance. There were only 14 students selected from all comers by a small English test. Fortunately, I was one and became a part of that new education system in Ukraine. 

The possibility of gaining new knowledge in a unique and unfamiliar atmosphere seemed to be an attractive perspective for me.

I also had a strong interest in what will be going on in the dual education: what it will be? how it will go? what will we learn? how will we be taught? 

To summarize, I came here because of my life motto: to use each possibility that appears on my way. :)

Iryna Ziruk, SMM manager

I don’t know how to answer correctly. I was afraid that I might lose a chance to get such useful knowledge. The next reason was a big desire to try something new and get any experience.

Moreover, I wanted to apply the knowledge I had, because learning isn’t as interesting as practicing. The last one is an opportunity to build a career.

Ann Savchuk, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

I was interested in the possibility of studying in university and at the same time improving mye knowledge in practice. The ability to implement the knowledge gained from teachers in real life is like a test of knowledge.

Bohdan Korets, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

The first thing that prompted me to do this is the valuable experience which I could get working in the company, learning something from experienced people who have been working in IT for many years. 

In my opinion, whatever the experience is, it's better to say "Yes!" than then to go and to regret that you didn't do it. Besides it gives big prospects in the future.

Zoriana Marchuk, PA

I always like trying something new, so it was interesting to see what dual education is and how it will be.

2. Are you ever afraid that it might be difficult for you to combine studies at the university and practice at the Internetdevels company?

Yuliia Chaika, QA and PA

To tell the truth, I wasn’t worried about it. If you want to achieve something, it isn’t enough to spend on this one or two hours. I knew very well that there would be many more tasks and materials, but there is no other way. Also, if you like what you do, you won’t think about where to find the time.

Combining university and Internetdevels was not an impossible thing for me.

Julia Misiuk, PA

Julia Misiuk

There wasn’t even a thought about it. I love studying and improving myself so it was quite easy for me to combine studying at the university with the dual education. It just required more time and effort from my side. I would be more frightened, if there was nothing to combine in my life.

Iryna Ziruk, SMM manager

Of course, I had anxiety, but I worried about what would happen, not combining education. Eventually, it could combine everything and not to die.

Ann Savchuk, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

At first I was worried about whether I would have time to do homework and study in the company at the same time, but later I realized that if you manage to allocate time, you can have time.

Bohdan Korets, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

Everyone is afraid of the unknown, but if you are always afraid, life won’t be interesting. Truth be told, at first I was a little afraid, but then I thought, “No matter how hard it is, I will not give up.”

When I promise myself something, I will get the job done. A life example is when I graduated from music school in two classes, because I promised myself I would.

Zoriana Marchuk, PA

I was not afraid, because we went to the company only once a week.  Especially if there were any problems, then someone would always make concessions, because this is something new and not tested before.

3. What exactly did you expect to gain from the dual education program?

Yuliia Chaika, QA and PA

In-depth knowledge of IT-sphere and practice.

Besides, I always wanted to try myself in this field (I wasn’t sure whether it was for me, so I expected a dual education system to give me such a chance.

Julia Misiuk, PA

To start with, I expected to gain some new knowledge. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have any specific idea of what I want to get from it as this system of education was unfamiliar for me.

I only had a desire to learn something new and useful that would help me in the future. The most interesting thing was that the education should have taken place outside of the university and it motivated me a lot.

Iryna Ziruk, SMM manager

Iryna Ziruk

I wanted most to see the inner side of this sphere, try to be in the place with real workers.

Ann Savchuk, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

Lots of new knowledge, improved English and IT knowledge. 

Bohdan Korets, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

First of all, I expected to gain experience and knowledge that will be useful for me in the future.

Zoriana Marchuk, PA

I expected to gain a lot of new and cool knowledge about computers and just broaden my horizons.

4. Have your expectations been fully met? You don’t regret your decision?

Yuliia Chaika, QA and PA

Of course, my expectations were met (even more than I thought). The university gives you more a theoretical base, and Internetdevels gives you practice. The ability to combine those is cool! I never regretted it, and I never will.

Julia Misiuk, PA

The idea that I became a part of dual system in vain didn’t even occur to me. My picture of expectations was supplemented after the first day in the company. Now I see it clearly that all my expectations came true 200%.

It’s hard for me to describe now how many things the dual system brought me. It gave me a strong push to start thinking in another way and changed me for the better. 

From today's perspective, the experience that I gained there is very valuable.

Iryna Ziruk, SMM manager

My expectations came true, and I don’t regret that I have used this chance. I only wanted to get more tasks connected with real situations or look at how others, I mean workers, deal with their requests.

Ann Savchuk, has an internship at a  QA specialist company 

Ann Savchuk

So my expectations were completely met, I do not regret it, because thanks to these opportunities you can improve your knowledge and see if you really choose the right specialty. It was thanks to dual education that I realized that I had chosen the right path.

Bohdan Korets, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

Of course, I do not regret it, because I am looking for myself and what I like now. This is why I couldn’t miss such an opportunity.

Zoriana Marchuk, PA

Yes, the expectations came true and I do not regret taking this chance, because all new events bring something useful and interesting to life.

5. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve the process of the dual education program at the Internetdevels?

Yuliia Chaika, QA and PA

More practical tasks. Because of the quarantine, it was difficult to implement this, so I think it will be different in the future.

However, everything we did and studied that semester was very interesting, especially the creation of articles and their interpretation in different formats.

Julia Misiuk, PA

The system itself is very intensive and that’s really nice. In my opinion, the best step, in this case, would be to help students understand the terminology quicker through implementing this knowledge on practice. 

This includes the programs that should be downloaded (Git, SASS, LESS) and those that seem to be abstract and difficult to understand (REST, POST, GET). As the company works with those terms every day there is a possibility to demonstrate how they work in practice.

Iryna Siruk, SMM manager

I like everything about the company, all the students get enough attention. I like that everybody supports you and shares the knowledge.

Ann Savchuk, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

In my opinion, the way we were taught is quite suitable, as during the education we go through lectures on logic, and learn terms, and other interesting things.

Bohdan Korets, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

Bohdan Korets

I haven’t been able to fully experience the learning process because of quarantine, but I liked everything before the quarantine and in my opinion, the learning process does not need to be improved, because it is good in the form in which it is now.

Zoriana Marchuk, PA

No, I like everything so far.

6. What skills and knowledge did you get during the dual education program at our web development company?

Yuliia Chaika, QA and PA

If you say a lot is to say nothing.  My thinking has changed dramatically, now I pay attention to things in a very different way.

Moreover, the course we have taken is informative and clear. It has provided a great deal of new information that is useful not only for the IT field but also for overall development.

Julia Misiuk, PA

While studying on the dual system, I learned a lot of IT-terms that are basic for this sphere. I also discovered the HubSpot platform for myself and took a “Content Marketing”course. I also learned how to more rely on my own knowledge and use my time more effectively.

Iryna Siruk, SMM manager

Our education was divided into three parts: logic lessons, terminology and Content Marketing course. So I can say that I became more professional, I need the knowledge of content marketing, because it is related to my job. 

I became more aware of slang and terms people there use. Finally, I now try to analyze things more logically. 

Ann Savchuk, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

First of all, I gained new knowledge about content marketing and learned many new definitions.

Bohdan Korets, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

First of all, knowledge of terms. I learned to think logically and look for differences between seemingly ordinary concepts.

I especially liked to work in a team, when all people think together about solving one problem and combine all possible options into one to find the answer.

Zoriana Marchuk, PA

I studied all the terms, and learnt something about marketing through the courses we took.

7. Can you compare this practice at Internetdevels with something?

Yuliia Chaika, QA and PA

I’d compare it to an experiment. You just don’t know what to expect.

If you have a sense of uncertainty and at the same time great interest and inspiration, that’s exactly what it is. You don’t know and you can’t guess what you’re gonna do tomorrow.

I’ve never woken up thinking, “When is this over !?” It’s probably the best indication that this is not a boring and hopeless sphere.

Julia Misiuk, PA

For some reason our dual education reminded me of a summer camp. It concerns the atmosphere during studying in which everyone feels free, comfortable, in lovely surroundings. There was no need to raise my hand, if I wanted to say something. It helped me to become more confident and independent as there was no need to put myself in some frames.

Iryna Siruk, SMM manager

Working there is like visiting a new country. You don’t understand exactly the language, although you have learned it, I mean their specific words. 

You don’t understand the traditions, the culture of the company, their habits. You make new friends, there are different people with different points of view. 

Ann Savchuk, has an internship at a QA specialist company

It's really hard to compare to something, but it's like feeling you've wanted to try something for a long time and you've finally succeeded.

Feelings of exaltation and joy for new beginnings.

Bohdan Korets, has an internship at a QA specialist company

The practice reminds me a lot of how in childhood my friend and I played on the console in the game "Chip and Dale," when we sat almost all day passing the final level. It was incredibly difficult for us at that time because we were already furious that we couldn’t do this. After calming down and making the final attempt, we did it. Then it was a real upswing, because the work was done to the fullest. It was a wonderful feeling.

Zoriana Marchuk, PA

Zoriana Marchuk

The practice in the company reminds me of a trip to the camp, where every day we learned something new, also met new people and of course physical minutes during lunch are an indispensable thing!

8. What advice would you give to future students who want to take part in the dual education program?

Yuliia Chaika, QA and PA

Take a risk just like me. If you don’t know anything about this, don’t be afraid! Fear doesn’t help anything. Internetdevels will provide knowledge, you just need to have desire and perseverance. Don’t expect everything to be given quickly and easily. It takes time and commitment!

Julia Misiuk, PA

The main advice is: plan your time effectively and be ready to work a lot. The dual education is a really great possibility, but only if you use it in the right way. 

So you need to use your time effectively in order to do everything in time. Do not be disappointed if something cannot be done from the first time.

Iryna Siruk, SMM manager

You must try with no doubts — anyway, you have nothing to lose, but as a result you can get a lot. If you have hesitance that you are a non-tech person or don’t know programming languages or something else, it’s time to learn, and there are people who are eager to teach and help you. I also advise you to take all the possible benefits from life and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Ann Savchuk, has an internship at a  QA specialist company 

Just try. There is no need to be afraid because in such a company as InternetDevels, they will teach everything, show everything, help. Dual education is a chance to improve yourself and your knowledge, which is likely to help in the future.

Bohdan Korets, has an internship at a  QA specialist company

I advise future students not to be afraid of this, to be patient and always come on time.

Zoriana Marchuk, PA

I advise you to use any chance to learn something new, maybe an additional course that does not need to be taken, but if you do it it will only benefit, because the world of IT and any other field is very large and full of knowledge that would be very cool to get at the same time as basic education. Take EVERYTHING from life!

Internetdevels contributes to the dual education in Ukraine

We think that dual education in the IT sector is a cool thing and student reviews confirm this once more. We sincerely believe that we need to pay it forward! Only then can we demand something in return.

Internetdevels learned how to organize the process of dual education for Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University students. We are not going to leave this program.

Running this is great and useful! 

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