Our cool drupallers visited Vinnytsia

DrupalTour Vinnytsia

Hurray, we covered the fifth point on the Ukrainian map! It's half-jubilee already, and we’re not going to stop. So this time we visited Vinnytsia, and everything went really well — as usually, in fact :)

That Saturday morning was hard for our Drupal tourists: they all had to get up very early to leave the city already at 4 AM! But we’re strong and we did it. In the end it was nothing to regret about, Vinnytsia welcomed us very warmly and eagerly.

And again, DrupalTour gathered a vast audience of people, interested in Drupal and IT all in all. It was really nice to deliver reports to such nice guys.

DrupalTour Vinnytsia audience

DrupalTour Vinnytsia visitors

The first one to report was Olexandr Kuzava. He told the visitors about SASS and Drupal themes. The info was interesting and useful, but also very cute because of a funny Nyan Cat who accompanied each slide :)

DrupalTour Vinnytsia Olexandr Kuzava

The second report was delivered by Vasyl Plotnikov. In fact, it wasn’t even a report as most people understand it — Vasyl was telling, what is the point in PHP extensions and was even writing it right there!

DrupalTour Vinnytsia Vasyl Plotnikov

And the last (but not least) was a report by Andrii Leshchuk concerning handling the load in MySQL databases. The topic is important not only for Drupal developers, but for a much vaster audience. We attached his presentation in Russian.

DrupalTour Vinnytsia Andrii Leshchuk

After the official part of the event has come to an end, we decided to make a closer acquaintance with the visitors and speakers. That’s why we stayed at the same pub to have a couple of beers and just chat.

DrupalTour Vinnytsia with audience

DrupalTour Vinnytsia afterparty

The time has passed quickly, and soon we had to leave for Lutsk. Thank you, Vinnytsia! Was great!

P.S.: Our Drupal web development company, already preparing for our next ride! The place will be announced soon, just follow the news in our Social Networks groups:



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