Start of service

Start of service

The IT industry practices encourage developers to keep improving their skills rather than to merely demonstrate the existing ones, while fulfilling routine tasks. Constant upgrading of expertise is crucial for any professional, and that endeavor, in the long run, is bound to bear good fruit. Those in IT can't afford to ignore the influx of technology innovations which, in Drupal, are aplenty. Be the first to learn about and employ such innovations!

Sick and tired of leafing through masses of paper manuals and teaching guides? Want to be part of the privileged class of Drupal developers?

Go for it: 'Drupal guide', our online training course which is made up of a succession of video-lessons, is right there for you. Our course is meant for Drupal newbies. Indeed, those in high power programming favor working in Drupal because of this system's most popular platform, which is focused on efficient implementing Internet solutions.

As a platform, Drupal provides a very flexible baseline for website development, ranging from minute sites to social network community portals. The most attractive offer for a programmer is the thousands of ready-made modules that provide additional functionality to fulfill a variety of tasks. And if you're a creative sort, or strive to become one, come start training right now, making use of our video-lessons that are 100% guaranteed to help you enhance the existing skills and develop new ones. All in all, our video tutorial is fine-tuned to help those programmers who want to learn how to handle Drupal and start work at pro level.

Grab the idea of how CMF works, master Drupal 7 and be a part of the most populated open source community in the world, which is Drupal!  

Pour yourself a cup of tea, get comfy in your chair and start watching the video-lessons. :) And we are pleased to announce that the novelty is to prolong. Enjoy!

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