Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8: presentation (for site owners)

Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8: prezi presentation

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This blog post with a presentation is made in a "light", entertaining style.
However, if you a developer and want to know more technical details
about Drupal 8, check out the new Drupal 8 blog post by our developer.
Really useful tips from devs for devs!

It’s popular, free, flexible, powerful. It’s just Drupal! This content management system (CMS) has had 7 official major releases, and the 8th is almost there.

With each release, Drupal becomes more improved and up-to-date.

It offers:

  • new functionality
  • better architecture
  • improved security
  • and many other benefits

We’re after the latest trends, so let’s discuss two freshest Drupal versions (7 and 8).

  • Drupal 7 has deservedly gained lots of supporters across the globe.
  • Drupal 8 promises to be an amazing discovery with lots of new features.

Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8: which to choose for your website?

  • Drupal 7: proven, mature, reliable.
  • Drupal 8: advanced, cutting-edge, innovational.

Drupal 7: The interface of Drupal 7 is really user-friendly, allowing many options to customize your website. If offers a lot of improvements compared to older Drupal versions, in terms of user experience, flexibility, scalability, security.

Drupal 8: It has some enhancements like multilingual add-ons, better mobile-friendliness for all kinds of devices, an improved version of HTML5 for better website management, higher file uploading and storing speed.

Should you choose the innovational Drupal 8 or the proven Drupal 7? We are not ready to recommend Drupal 8 to everyone. The choice of version depends on your requirements to the future site. Tell our Drupal team about them!

If you want to upgrade your website, should you choose Drupal 7 or Drupal 8?

Question 1: How complex is your website?

If your website is relatively simple, an upgrade to Drupal 8 can be your best choice. If it’s more complex with lots of custom modules, it could be rather challenging to move it all to Drupal 8.

Question 2: Do you plan a complete overhaul?

If you want a complete overhaul or redesign, moving to the Drupal 8 is a justified decision. Give yourself website a brand-new start!

How to make the right decision? Let us carefully analyze your website to say if Drupal 8 can be recommended for you or you should rely on the proven Drupal 7.

Let the right decision make your life happy! ;)

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