CommerceBox - free destribution online - store, based on Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce

CommerceBox - free destribution online - store, based on Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce

We would like to present CommerceBox, a ready-made online store package based on both Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce. Drupal Commerce module appears to be the only available solution (among Drupal 7 modules) today which allows creating a full-fledged functional online-shop. Part of the intrigue here lies in the fact that, while being a most flexible solution for the programmer, this one is far from being a boxed module, as was the case with Ubercart.

Here, with Drupal Commerce everything is different. This module is more 'framework like', it is tuned in to the programmer. Web developers can make miracles with it. But the average user or a new by programmer needs something to get it going. Here you are, Commerce Box means a good start in your programming effort.

With Commerce Box package, we have tried to create the bases for an online-store deployment.

Drupal Commerce module was based on Drupal API, accordingly, it automatically used all opportunities provided by the Drupal core. Besides, Drupal Commerce  has a powerful API, by itself. As a Drupal developer, you can easily extend the functionality of your web store using both Drupal and Drupal Commerce API.

Inside the module (briefly and to the point) there are:

  •  admin panel to manage products: some ideas borrowed from Magento
  •  the cover of internet shop: main page, product card, catalog
  •  virtual features aplenty

More about market position perspective and opportunities (programmers can skip reading this):

  •  shopping cart with the items' quantity management option
  •  flexible user administration and  permission management system 
  •  product reviews
  •  social Bookmarks
  •  Wish List
  •  Twitter, Google + Facebook share buttons
  •  products search filter
  • automatic generation of the material for an item display after a new product has been added
  • product with the basic set of fields and the ability to add new fields (all fields strutted by categories)
  • option for user selection of the  product type: list or grid
  • complete control over the directory element's display: size, preview, tag, title, etc.
  • "accompanying goods"  adding option 
  • product comparison option
  • the online shop news 
  • recently reviewed products
  • related articles
  • the internet shop contacts
  • Meta tags supplied for each category or for any selected page
  • XML site map
  • users online

The list of CommerceBox features keep being increased. Our goal has been to create a tool to help you start up your online-store with minimum time and resources spent for it.

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