Choosing the Right CMS

Choosing the Right CMS

A well known saying ‘Better safer than sorry’ claims that any decision-making requires careful and thorough consideration before the final choice is actually made. The same is true when it comes to website development and having to decide which content management system to choose. So, if you are considering a new website launch, there is no doubt you want your choice of CMS to be right. Well, you’d better weigh things up before taking any further steps.

These days, millions of web pages are implemented with the help of numerous content management systems. You have access to a great deal of information about web development, so you might have asked yourself a question, “Which content management system to use?”. Here’s an overview of the three most widespread CMSs.

The Top Three

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most widely used web content management systems. You can use any of them for launching personal blogs or sites, business or corporate websites, magazine or news websites, or even uncommonly large portals. All CMSs mentioned above are well-supported, it means that thousands of professional service providers and web-developers throughout the world are eager to help with building, maintaining and marketing your site. Content management features make it quite easy to manage the page. These three can be complemented with the help of plugins and modules, which makes your website more versatile and multifunctional.

The Downside

Despite the fact that WordPress and Joomla are pretty popular, they have some significant drawbacks. One of the common issues we face when browsing a web page is slowdowns, and if you want your website to cope with a complex content organization, you should opt for a better alternative. One more problem is hacking, and it’s really annoying. Joomla's websites seem to be frequently broken, that’s why you should think twice before choosing a reliable CMS.

Drupal Rocks!

Drupal is definitely the number one CMS solution since it is a powerful and user-friendly tool for complex websites, as users are interested not only in the content of your site but also in high-quality functionality and performance. This CMS is capable of managing the largest and most high-traffic websites in the whole Universe. With Drupal, you are able to deliver web content efficiently across multiple devices. Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility are vital since a page is supposed to look flawless on all browsers, mobile platforms and desktops. If your business is up and running, and you are interested in advertising and selling various goods, your goal is to make your website eye-catching and appealing to customers to have them buy products. Users of your site should be amazed and content with usability and tools that the website provides. Drupal development offers you limitless solutions that support all your needs. Drupal CMS allows for flexible content architecture, which appears in highly customizable menus and numerous media files. Hackers can easily wipe out thousands of websites, but with Drupal, don’t lose your sleep worrying about your site security. Using this robust CMS can ensure you from losing significant data on your web page.


With all that’s been said above, in our humble opinion, Drupal is the best answer to the question “Which content management system to use for a website?” You may be confident about security, flexibility and usability of your web page. If you choose to use Drupal for your site, customers or any users will be more than happy with its functionality and performance. Drupal is exactly what you need, so let Drupal take care of both your website and business. Let Drupal rock your life!

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