How to become bid & tender winners: new conference by InternetDevels

How to become bid & tender winners: new conference by InternetDevels

No time to rest — time to win! ;)

Hardly has our ConversionCon ended when our Bid&Tender Winner Conference has approached.

The business world is full of incredible opportunities. How do the lucky ones catch them? It’s more than just luck — it’s an art. That’s what we call it, the practice and theory of winning. And that’s what our new big conference is going to be about.

Bid&Tender Winner Conference by InternetDevels

On May 14, in the hospitable city of Lviv, we will discover together how to win tenders and bids, how to be chosen for great projects, and much more. Bid&Tender Winner Conference is going to be useful both to companies and to freelancers.

How does it all this winning start? First of all, with going to the right places where plenty of such opportunities are found. We decided to focus our conference on one of the places like this — Upwork.

More about the Upwork platform

You might have heard about the Upwork freelancing platform, because it is a really popular place for businesses and individuals to find the desired offers and start cooperating. Formerly, there were Elance and oDesk platforms (one for freelancers and the other for businesses), and then they merged into what is now known as Upwork.

The lucky merge has a number of registered users that counts in millions, and this figure speaks for itself. “Millions” means there are so many tempting projects...but many competitors as well. It is a challenge to become “one in a million” — but it’s a pleasant challenge!

So welcome, would-be winners — freelancers, sales managers, business owners and many others who would like to learn the practice and theory of winning at Upwork.

Becoming the chosen ones: lots of winning recipes at one conference

Bid&Tender Winner Conference by InternetDevels WordPress development company will be the territory of practical tips, new strategies, and success stories from savvy experts.

Making your offers attractive, building long-term relationship with clients, writing bids that get replies, automating your work to find customers more quickly, learning the latest Upwork trends, catching the biggest Upwork deals... These are just some of the points from the conference agenda.

Organized by InternetDevels, sponsored by Drudesk, supported by Upwork

Best conference halls have no time to forget InternetDevels — we always come back like a hurricane. Organizing big IT conferences has long since become our own winning practice. And our support service Drudesk is always one of the sponsors in these activities. Besides, of course, the Upwork platform officially supports our Bid&Tender Winner Conference.

See you all on May 14 in Lviv. And let winning become your tradition!

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