Benefits of custom web development over “off-the-shelf” solutions

Benefits of custom web development over “off-the-shelf” solutions

The world is swiftly going digital. So, irrespective of the size and industry, your business absolutely needs a website.

To get a website, you will face a major choice between custom web development and “off-the-shelf” solutions. The latter option might look lucrative, but if you look deeper, you see the obvious benefits of custom web development. Let’s review them.

Custom web development VS ready solutions

Custom web development is defined as development performed for a particular customer according to their requirements. This is in opposed to using free website builders or free design templates that can give you a standard ready-to-go website — but is it really ready to meet all the challenges?

It should be noted that the level of free website builders matters a lot. There are full-fledged content management systems (CMSs) and platforms like Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Laravel, etc.

Thanks to them, we rarely today talk about “custom web development” as website creation from a clean slate with a bare programming language like PHP. The CMSs serve as a good foundation for websites and speed up the delivery.

Custom web development on the basis of these CMSs is very effective and flexible. Good examples are custom Drupal module development or custom WordPress plugin development to fulfill any customer’s idea. So, of course, we put this type of development to the 1st category of today’s comparison of “Custom web development VS ready solutions.”

Benefits of custom web development

Unique features tailored to your business

With custom web development, your website will do exactly what you wish and how you wish. This means unique steps for user interaction with the site, workflows for your staff, third-party integrations needed for your business, and so on. No strings attached. You are not tied to the limitations of existing solutions.

Better performance due to optimized functionality

When you get a standard website from an online site building platform, it usually has a set of features that you cannot get rid of. Unused and superfluous functionality creates an additional load on your website’s performance.

Custom web development solves this problem by giving you exactly what it need, nothing less and nothing more. For example, one custom Drupal module can replace a few free ones, because it is created specifically for you. This boosts performance, prevents conflicts, eliminates complexity, and provides for the smooth functioning of the website.

Speaking about website performance, we should note that in custom web development, there are also more opportunities for its improvement.

better website performance

Website performance brings additional benefits like:

  • longer session duration
  • improved user experience
  • more conversions and profits
  • better SEO
  • customer satisfaction growth

Exclusive design for your brand’s identity

If you use one of the free website templates or themes, there is a big chance it is used by plenty of other websites.

In addition, simple website building software usually allows you to make some design customizations — choosing background colors, replacing the hero image, and things like that. But these customizations are very limited, and there is no room for a web designer's creative work.

Custom web development and design services can build your brand’s identity and boost its recognition. Experts can use the latest design techniques and not be restricted by any frames. Your custom design can start from the very beginning — from prototypes that define your website’s architecture.

Unlimited growth opportunities

Startup owners may feel a standard website is enough for them. But this is exactly when you need to stand out!

Time flies and business grows. Unfortunately, there is very little chance to expand a website that is built on a simple website building platform. They lack what is called “scalability.” With custom web development, your site grows exactly to the size you wish and the way you wish. It gets ready for new challenges like accepting bigger traffic flows and so on.

Freedom to make any changes

Nowadays, new technology trends appear regularly. Custom web development gives you complete freedom in following them, as well as fulfilling any new business ideas. Your website can always be modified or revamped according to your new requirements.

Order custom web development services

The World Wide Web is full of offers. It’s time to stand out! Help customers choose you over others with the help of our professional Drupal custom development team.

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