Beauty in motion: 10 examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

Beauty in motion: 10 examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

Parallax… It sounds beautiful, interesting and maybe a little bit mysterious, and that’s exactly how it looks on websites. Parallax scrolling is one of the techniques used to make your website attractive and eye-catching for your visitors.

Originating from video games, Parallax has long since become a web design trend. Its secret is in multiple backgrounds moving at different speeds during web page scrolling. This adds depth to the website and creates a pseudo 3D effect, providing an interesting and engaging user experience.

Most visitors want to be entertained by the websites they visit. That’s something that Parallax does perfectly. It’s always better to see examples instead of thousands of words, isn’t it?

Discover 10 interesting website examples that have Parallax scrolling effect

1. Rimmel London

Beauty products and the pseudo 3D effect made by Parallax come together perfectly! It makes them look especially attractive. The website offers an absolutely fabulous presentation of Rimmel London cosmetics.

2. Cyclemon

This is a real treasure for bike lovers. The site is full of colorful bikes presented by means of Parallax scrolling. This creates a special atmosphere and inspires to buy the website’s products — silkscreen and digital prints with bikes.

examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

3. Giacomo Morelli

Stylish shoe images move around the screen as you scroll your mouse. You’ve “stepped” to the website of the fashion shoe designer Giacomo Morelli! Push the text button and you will see a convenient navigation menu.

examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

4. Costa Coffee

A popular coffee shop’s website has an engaging and visually rich design. It features a lot of animated illustrations to engage visitors. A story about a cup of coffee can be really entertaining!

examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

5. Dementia Lab

A dementia research charity’s website tells useful information about dementia using attractive Parallax scrolling effect. Pop-up buttons lead to new pages that offer more details.

examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

6. Madwell

You just cannot take your eyes off it...and cannot stop your hand from scrolling! You are in a mysterious world created by a whole range of fascinating Parallax effects. A New York design agency made this for their official website.

examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

7. La Moulade

From the first glance, you see that you’ve come to the website of a creative studio. La Moulade agency’s website has Parallax scrolling with a lot of animation, as well as an unusual navigation widget. Everything is presented in a rich, sunny yellow color.

examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

8. NASA Prospect

This cool website has music and Parallax scrolling effect created by student designers in cooperation with NASA. It tells a story about a space journey in a very entertaining way.

examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

9. Green Man

This is a very unusual and stunningly creative example of Parallax scrolling. Here is the new website of the famous Welsh festival, Green Man. The festival’s fans surely appreciate the creativity.

examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

10. Every last drop

A serious issue can be hidden behind entertaining graphics. This can be a great way to reach people! This website raises the problem of water conversion and shows how water is wasted in our everyday life.

examples of interesting Parallax effect websites

Inspired? InternetDevels Drupal web design company can create this kind of “beauty in motion” for you, as well as many other effects. Just tell what website you are dreaming of!

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