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Often one can see such charges against Drupal: “It is impossible to build a high-load website using this framework”. We will refute this myth on the example of a concrete successful project.

radioactivity module
Very often a lot of developers face the issue of flexible materials sorting on the site. One of the solutions to solve this issue is Radioactivity module. Learn more about this tool.
additional seo modules
Previously we presented top of SEO modules recommended for website SEO optimization. Now learn about additional but certainly useful modules and go ahead with their new functions for more effective SEO.
git flow
We use "Git Flow" repository operations model quite often in our work. Let’s consider the scheme in detail.
field api
Changes in Drupal 8 have also affected the process of creating your own widgets and formatters. The new Plugin API significantly simplifies this procedure.


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For the purpose of site construction one should definitely use Drupal. If there is any doubt whatsoever as to the choice of the system, be sure that Drupal will work better.
Why Apache should write in logs access to files jpg, png,gif,js, css, ico type? It’s a constant drive loading, and the constant unnecessary work. Add to webserver setup not to write in log...


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